Welcome to the (mis)Adventures of a Homesteadin Mama!

Have you ever wanted to do more for yourself and family, like cook from scratch, garden, can or raise chickens, but you didn’t know where to start? We give people just like you the knowledge, skills, and encouragement to be able to homestead no matter where you live! It’s not the amount of land you live on, but what you do on that land that makes you a homesteader!

I was raised a country girl and despite my best efforts to “get away” from the simple life, as an adult and parent of two boys, I now see the value of learning skills that allow you to do more for yourself and family. From raising small livestock and gardening to making our own maple syrup and cheese, we try to do as much as we can right where we live, and you can too!

Feel free to poke around our corner of the internet, get inspired, and join us for daily laughs and (mis)Adventures over on Facebook!

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