Waiting like a kid at Christmas

So I woke up this morning so excited because it was the 17th of January and THAT is the day the new issue of Your Chicken was coming out. Why was I so excited? Because you see on the cover there where is say they are having a four page special on American henkeeping, yeah, I’m in that! I had them use my son’s photo for my piece and he was so excited. We can not wait to get our hands on it.

This is the first time we have ever been featured in a magazine. That is big time cool right there! My family and neighbors can’t wait to see the magazine. This is like the excitement you feel as a child on Christmas eve!!!!!

I WAS all excited, till I saw this press release direct from Your Chickens magazine:

British chicken magazine goes on sale in the USA

Your Chickens, a glossy magazine from Britain, is about to go on sale in the USA. An estimated 500,000 people now keep chickens in their back gardens and yards in the UK, and the magazine has been well received since its launch two years ago.

The February issue will be available in Tractor Supply Company stores across the USA from mid February. It will include stories from henkeepers who follow this blog [Fresh Eggs Dailly] from all over the States, from Pennsylvania to Los Angeles and Michigan (THATS ME!!!)  to Georgia. There will also be an introduction about henkpeeping USA-style and the National Poultry Show.

In addition, there is plenty of news and advice about henkeeping, as well as lots of features; there is even a popular club for children – Hattie Hen’s Kids Club – with puzzles, photos and activities.

The February issue is also available on subscription and in electronic format, with download options, from January 17. See:


The website is:

The magazine is also on Facebook at
www.facebook.com/yourchickens and on Twitter at www.twitter.com/yourchickens

Content editor Simon McEwan says: “We are delighted to be a launching in the USA and would like to thank all Lisa’s followers who have contacted us. We have had a fantastic response. We would be very pleased to hear from more of you, with about 200 words and a high-resolution photo of you with your chickens. Just email us at: [email protected].”

Simon McEwan
Content Editor,
Country Smallholding/Your Chickens

So you read that all right? Well let me just point out this one little line “The February issue will be available in Tractor Supply Company stores across the USA from mid February.” Mid February!!!! Awww man the January 17th date was for UK publication release.

I am so not good at waiting. LOL No really I will go nuts by mid February. I now feel like a kid the week before Christmas. You know it WILL come but it feels so far away! Oh what the heck, here is to another 30 days of waiting. It will still be just as awesome to hold then!

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  1. Congratulations. Time goes fast. It will be a sweet experience when you do see the copy – January or February. Keep us posted.

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