5×7 Custom Silhouette Portrait Giveaway

Today is our final offering for our Spring Fling Giveaway and it is a work of art, really! Emily from Old Brodbeck Farm is offering up her artistic talents to make YOU a one of a kind 5×7 Custom Silhouette Portrait from your very own photograph!! How neat is that! And this is not just limited to people, she also does animals!

This is a true silhouette. There will be no painted on eyeballs or nostrils, however if you choose to have a pet done, she does put any distinguishing patterns on animals. The winner simply emails a profile shot to Emily and she will set to work. Emily sells this type of item in her Etsy shop, but this is your chance to win one for FREE!

Besides her Facebook page and Etsy shop, Emily also blogs about her life and happenings at Old Brodbeck Farm which is 160 acres that has been passed down for generations since the 1850s. It is a family affair with not only her parents but her brother also living adjacent to each other on the property. For her part, she raises chickens (about 40 of them), horses, and goats. She loves photography, crafting, sewing, and anything related to the rural, simple lifestyle, thus these beautiful old fashion silhouettes she makes!

So, today is your lucky day…. Hurry up and enter to win one of these beautiful pieces of art, made just for you!

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