Meal worm farming, so was it a success!?!?!?

So about three months ago, I decided I no longer wanted to pay high prices to buy meal worms for our hens. So what was I to do? Start a meal worm farm of course. I gathered all the supplies and set to work starting my meal worm farm.

Things went along wonderfully as the meal worms began to pupate and then turn into Darkling beetles. The beetles then did what any good group of beetles do, they mated like crazy….. and we waited, and we waited…… And finally we got our first meal worm!!!! Success!!!!

But wait, days passed. Days turned into a week. And yet we still only have one new meal worm!?!?!? What happened? Honestly, I do not know! So I will continue to care for my beetles and one lonely meal worm and hope that we see more babies, but I am not holding my breath. Sadly it looks like I will be buying more meal worm for my hens for some time to come. Hmmmm maybe that’s why meal worms cost so darn much!

To read about our whole meal worm farming adventure from the beginning, click here.

11 thoughts on “Meal worm farming, so was it a success!?!?!?

  1. Hey you guys, go on the internet and look up mealworm farming. They give you great directions. You need to separate the beetles or they will eat all of the their own eggs, at least I think they will. I am new to it also. You cannot see the eggs with the naked eye, no bigger than the eye of a needle. Kinda like snakes, they keep growing and shedding their skins, etc. etc. until they are finally big old worms which if left alone will turn into pupae and in turn into beetles and so the cycle continues.

  2. As far as I know Meal worms aren't cost effective so grains are usually chosen but it can be if you grow your own. Its also closer to the natural diet of wild chickens.

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