Haystack Name Card Holders

Fall is here and that means harvest time. When I think of fall, my mind conjures up many images, including haystacks. Yes, those wonderful bundles that harken back to the days of yesteryear. My country kids love to get crafty, so I came up with this SUPER easy little craft! These can be used simply as a decoration or you can go all out and use them as name card holders for place settings at your next gathering!
Yellow construction paper
brown pipe cleaner (cut in half)
White construction paper

    Cut your yellow construction paper in half the long way. Now cut the edges on both sides to “fray” it. Now simply roll it up! Secure your haystack with a section of pipe cleaner. Fluff out your top and bottom and you have a haystack!

    If you want to use them as place settings, simply cut a straw to the desired height. Write the name on some white construction paper and tape it to the straw. Wrap the construction paper around the straw, secure with the pipe cleaner and fluff. Kids will love making these and they will add a festive touch to your decorating! And imagine everyones’ delight when they learn your child made the name holders for the dinning table, say at Thanksgiving!

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