DIY Elf Door

I will be the first to admit it, I am a dork. I am the over achieving parent who others look at and either go, “man she is good” or totally just find me annoying. I am the parent who, when my son started to falter on his belief in the Easter Bunny went beyond normal to make the magic continue. I found a photo of a rabbit online and downloaded it to my camera so it looked like I had taken the photo. I then placed jellybeans in the yard where the “photo was taken.” I told my son I had scared the jellybeans out of the Easter Bunny when the flash went off! He bought it! He delighted in showing our neighbors the Easter Bunny poo!

My son is now 7 1/2 and in the second grade. I am amazed he has not started to question the fat man in the red suit yet. I mean come one, in this day and age, kids talk! Each year I make a Santa video for him from the Portable North Pole site (it is free.) I think this helps a lot in keeping the magic alive. I mean come on, the big guy actually says my son’s name and knows things about him in the video! But, I also do things around the house, like this Elf door I made last year. With a simple painted pine board and a knob off an old dresser, I started a new family tradition of the “magic elf door.”

You see, no matter where the door is left, against a wall, on the floor, even in a chair…… come night fall, the elves can come through it from the North Pole to check on my son and his behavior. Were his toys picked up? That type of thing.  It was simple to make and the pipe cleaner wreath with ribbon was easy to make too, by just bending the pipe cleaner back and forth and then bending the whole thing into a circle. The ‘Elves Only” sign helped to seal the magic that ONLY elves could use the door. No matter how many times a child tries to “open” the door to the North Pole, they will never be able to.

Even if you don’t have children, I think the door is so stinking cute, it would make a great holiday decoration in any home. So why not find some scrap wood, a little paint, and make some magic of your own!

20 thoughts on “DIY Elf Door

  1. That is a cool idea! Might be a great idea for people who think the Elf On The Shelf is a little too creepy!

  2. Found you on Turn It up Tuesday. This is such a cute idea and I think I might just have to make one myself, for Hisbee our elf on the shelf. So fun! I use the Portable North Pole site too, it's so awesome. There's also a site where you can take a picture of your living room on Christmas night and then add Santa too it (or when your kid is sleeping and add the toothfairy and other things too). Thought it might help you keep the magic alive with your son, Thanks for sharing the adorable door idea 🙂

  3. Love this post. Laughed so hard at scaring the jellybeans out of the bunny. And I love the door idea. It's brilliant.
    Thanks for linking up at the Thursday Favorite Things Hop.
    Hugs from your newest follower.

  4. Aaaawww! I love this idea! Does that make me a dork, too? OK. I'll own it! 😉 -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

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