Play a Reindeer Game

When I was little I would watch “The Bozo” show. Every day they would play the grand prize game, which was a bucket toss game. Oh how I dreamed of one day getting to be on the show and play the grand prize game. If you hit the farthest bucket, you won a new bike. Sadly that day never came.

But, when the oldest country kid’s teacher called last minute for help with the class Christmas party last year, my creativity and longing to play the grand prize game collided in a “light bulb” moment! A bucket toss game with reindeer! I grabbed some empty formula cans (but you really could use anything, boxes, sand pails, etc) and my craft supplies and I got to work. A little brown construction paper, some puff balls for noses, bend up some pipe cleaners and if I do say so myself, I had some pretty darn good looking reindeer!! Of course they had to have O shaped mouths and big wide eyes as if they were scared of the ball being tossed at them!

And I am glad to report, the game was a hit at school! The kids loved playing “reindeer games.” And as I watched my son toss the ball at the buckets, I remembered those long lost days, when I wanted to play the grand prize game, and I smiled. He has no clue of my childhood dream or that it was the creative brain storm behind the party game. He just knows his mama can make some great party games.

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  1. I loved that show! I actually recently saw in my Christmas shopping, an at home version of that bucket game 🙂

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