How to make a blown egg……

Last year I made the oldest country kid a blown egg ornament for Christmas. Not just any egg mind you…. But from the first egg his hen, Ester, ever laid. He loved it and I must admit I was rather proud of pulling it off. Everyone says blowing an egg is hard… honestly I think it is about the easiest darn thing ever. Now deciding how to decorate your egg…. That is hard! LOL All those choices!!

I am here to tell you…. Do not be afraid of trying to blow eggs!!! You do not need any special kits to do this project either. I simply used a push pin/thumb tack or what ever you call it in your neck of the woods and an unbent paper clip…. Really…. That’s all!!!

Steps to blowing an egg…..

Start by pushing the push pin into one end of the egg. I turn mine back and forth between my fingers as I push. Once the pin is in the egg I rotate it around the hole to open it up a little. Now repeat this on the other end of the egg so you have another hole. These holes are not just for blowing but you could run a decorative ribbon through them with a needle to decorate if you feel so inclined.

Once you have your holes, take the unbent paper clip and stick it in the egg and start moving it around. It is kind of like the ancient Egyptian embalming practice of sticking a stick up the nose and swirling the brains to get them to come out…. Only this is just an egg. Scramble those egg “brains” up for a minute and you should already see egg membrane starting to ooze out the bottom hole. Now make a seal with you mouth on the egg and blow. If you scrambled your egg “brains” well, it should just all slide out quick and easy.

Once your egg is empty you need to rinse it. Just run some water over it and a little will go in the holes… shake, empty and dry your egg. That’s it, simple and easy….. Now for the hard part… deciding how you want to decorate your blown eggs….. that I leave up to you!


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  1. I have always wanted to do this, however didn't have the special tool…and I also heard it was difficult. You changed that for me. Yesterday our Marans laid her very first, albeit tiny, egg. I decided to try….and viola! blown egg…using push pin and paperclip. Thank You, and have the best of holidays….

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