Another year of (mis)Adventures begins

January 1, 2014.….

“They” (who ever they are) say today is the first day of a 365 page blank book and to write a good one. Hmmm, well let’s see….. Mine starts with sitting straight up in bed at 5 something a.m. and going to check the house to see why I was awake. I was greeted with the oldest country kid (7) asleep on the couch and my living room looking like, well, a juvenile New Year’s Eve party had hit it!!! An entire container of glow sticks and a bag of uninflected balloons strewn everywhere!!! Oh and confetti too.

I started to get upset but then I remembered, I did go to bed at 10 p.m. and told the oldest country kid that after the ball dropped (he BEGGED to see it and I just can’t hang anymore) to hike his hiney to bed too. It was my fault for trusting him, so instead of anger, I chuckled a little (only a little) and roused him to head to his room. I quickly cleaned up the room so Heidi the homestead hound didn’t ingest any of the party items….. I shouldn’t have worried, she was busy on the couch chewing the gum that had fallen out of the oldest country kid’s mouth when he passed out on the couch. *smacks forehead*

Ah 2014, Welcome…. While the date has changed, nothing much else has! LOL So here I sit while everyone else sleeps, wondering, do I bother trying to go back to bed or if I should just go clean the kitchen? Here is to 364 more blank pages and the (mis)Adventures they will hold!

Happy New Year Everyone!

10 thoughts on “Another year of (mis)Adventures begins

  1. Funny! Sounds like your house is always fun. Hope the rest of the year provides you with adventures at a much more reasonable hour of the day. 🙂

  2. Love it! It sounds about par for the course around here too. I hope this is a great year for you and all your family!

  3. I had to beg mine to go to sleep last night! They are too young to trust alone, I had to stay up with them until 12:15. They were convinced that a comet streaks across the sky at midnight on New Year's Eve. If only…

    1. I never said I trusted my oldest…. I just can't hang LOL You my dear are a better mom then I!

  4. Hear's to a happy new year!! Thanks for sharing over at The Weekend Re-Treat hope to see you Thursday evening!

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