Father’s Day is coming…. No More Ties!

Father’s day is coming…. that day of the year where we all hail the mighty man who has given us life! And how do we honor those men? With ties!!! Okay maybe that is cliche, maybe ties aren’t all the rage these days. I know my children have NEVER give my hubby a tie. Of course the only time I think I have ever seen my hubby in some sort of around the neck kind of thing was on our wedding day and it was a bow-tie.

So what do folks give as Father’s Day gifts if they are not handing out ties? Well when I was little my mom helped us write a song for my dad one year. It went like this “My D-A-D-D-Y he’s a special guy. He’s big and strong and takes care for us. My D-A-D-D-Y!” And while I am sure my father enjoyed that little tune maybe the first twenty times, I bet by the one hundredth rendition he wished we had just give him a tie!

My son’s are now 8 and 2. The older has been part of the gift giving process, while the younger has basically taken no notice of this special day. We are not wealthy people. We don’t give lavish gifts on Father’s Day (or any other holiday for that matter!) We like to make gifts for one another. A homemade gift is filled with love!

Over the years the older boy has made dad some very “nice” items, like a photo of himself build a photo frame for dad, in said photo frame he built! There was also a wood-burned beer sign because my husband homebrews. One year we splurged and bought hubby a beer holster so he could have a cold homebrew on his hip when he grilled. Last year we out did ourselves and a friend got me FREE (told ya, we ain’t rich) tickets to the Father’s Day race at Michigan International Raceway. We had a great time visiting the pits. Sadly the youngest and I ended up leaving before the race even started because the little guy just couldn’t handle the heat and noise. But hubby said he and the older boy had a good time!

But let’s be honest….. while they were good gifts, filled with love…. they really weren’t that useful. Okay maybe the beer holster was! But really, every year, people go out and spend gobs of money on gifts that, while nice, don’t really benefit the dad who gets them. Of course each and every father will cherish those items, but this year, why not give a gift that lasts all year and is something the dad will really enjoy?

So here is an idea for you gift givers this year. My hubby joined the Dollar Shave Club a year ago. It is neat club where, for $6 a month, they send him his razors for shaving. They have a variety of plans but hubby chose the $6 blades. The nice thing about this club is that it is WAY cheaper then buying razors in the store and he never runs out because they ship them to him every month.

I never have to remember to look in his shaving drawer before going shopping again because I know he has blades!!! And do you know what he told me? These blades are “just as frickin good as the name brand expensive ones and I never run out.” Awww, that is just such a sweet thing to say!

They also sell these adult bum wipes. They sent him a sample one month and he was a little embarrassed to admit it but he LOVED em! He said they made his “butt clean, tingly, and happy.” Bwaa haa haa!!!! My hubby had a happy butt. He told me that they would be great for “the day after an all you can eat Mexican throw down.” So I am thinking this year for Father’s Day we will upgrade his membership and get him some One Wipe Charlies added to his monthly razors.

I know, your sitting there saying “but personally hygiene items for fathers day?” It beats a bottle of Old Spice in my book! Nothing against Old Spice, my father used to wear it, but come on, this is a win/win situation!. The dad gets items he needs, you save money, he feels pampered, you don’t have to remember to buy his supplies when your at the store and your kid can make a nice homemade card to give dad on Father’s Day to tell dad what he is getting!

6 thoughts on “Father’s Day is coming…. No More Ties!

  1. Be sure to serve Mexican food on Father's Day to go along with the Charlies! Seriously, though, I like the idea.

  2. razors and butt wipes… what guy wouldnt want those… I mean really…no kidding!?

  3. That's hilarious! You've got to love a practical man. Thanks for sharing this at my Creative Ways Link Party!

    1. I'm just glad he isn't shy about his feelings… at least when it comes to his bum! LOL

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