Kevin’s Quality Clothespins – A Quality American Handcrafted Product

I have always said, that it isn’t the amount of land you live on, but what you do on that land that makes you a homesteader. It is the small, simple things you do, that make a difference for your family and the world. Maybe you have a few hens so you don’t have to buy store eggs. Maybe you grow a garden to provide your family with better food.  Every little bit counts and helps. What if I told you there was another way to do something simple and feel even better about doing it?

Hanging your wash to dry is not only a financially sound way to save money, but you also are doing things like using less electricity and decreasing your carbon foot print. It makes you feel good, doesn’t it (or it will once you start doing it!) Now you can take that good feeling a step further by using a product that is handcrafted right here in America!!

Now like most of you, I am accustomed to the dollar store “cheapy” pins. Okay, maybe they aren’t FROM the dollar store, but you know the kind….. lightweight, wiggly, slipping off the spring, breaking every other load……  cheap, cruddy clothespins. Lord knows if you’re going to line dry, you need pins, but boy can those cheap pins irk you on a regular bases. Recently I was contacted by Lady and the Carpenter, the makers of hand crafted clothespins and asked to take a look at their pins. Sure, why not, what did I have to lose….


When the package of pins arrived and I opened them…… they were breathtaking! Yes, I am talking about a clothespin. Unlike the “cheapy” pins, these were eye candy. You could tell they were handcrafted! The pins were coated with Linseed Oil (which doesn’t bleed or stain onto your clothing) and they just screamed “rub me, pinch me, use me.” So I called my neighbor of course, because when a woman finds something domestic that is not only useful, but pretty, it is mandatory you share. She had some wash ready for her line (awesome, I got out of doing my own laundry!) so I popped over with my pins and we gave those bad boys a test run.

From the moment you hold them in your hand and compare them to the “cheapy” pins, you can feel the weight of them (in a good way.) They open so much nicer and have a grip to them when you put them on the line. And they don’t wiggle at the spring area as you use them. You can SEE the difference when you look at them side by side. Seriously, take a peek…..

These American made, HANDCRAFTED, heavy-duty clothespins are made out of locally supplied Maple wood. The springs are made of stainless steel (so they will never rust) and in a heavier gauge of wire then your “cheapy” pins. The finished clothespins are coated with Linseed Oil to help them resist weathering. Don’t worry, remember, that linseed oil does not stain your laundry! The pins measure 3 1/2 inches and open 1/2″. These pins are strong and can hold more weight then the “cheapy” pins. They are just a far superior pin! Period. Hands down. Game over!

Now if you know anything about me, I don’t just go singing the praises of a product if I honestly don’t believe in it. I can say without a doubt, these pins are superior and well worth the price. Just think of the money you will save NOT having to replace your broken “cheapy” pins all the time. And the folks over at Kevin’s Quality Clothespins stand behind their product. If you ever have an issue, they will gladly help you. Their policy is “If one of your Kevin’s Quality Clothespins should break due to normal wear or manufacturing defect, return the parts (wood and spring) to us and we will return to you a new clothespin to replace the malfunctioning clothespin.” Now that is standing behind what you make!

Not only do they make great pins, they are friendly and generous folks too! They have offered up THREE sets of pins for me to giveaway to three of you lucky readers! You can enter for those below. On top of that, they have also offered a 10% discount on your first order by using the code NEWCUST10! Simply click here to take advantage of the savings.

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28 thoughts on “Kevin’s Quality Clothespins – A Quality American Handcrafted Product

  1. I love the fresh smell of sunshine on my clothes! I have used clothes lines for many years and don't ever want to turn back to dryers. Well, except for the "special" clothing, too many boys around my house to hang those!

  2. These are beautiful! I love it when beauty & function come together. I have to be careful when I line dry: I live in the suburbs, a block from a busy street where a lot of buses run. I have to wash down my line before using it, so sometimes I just don't bother & use the dryer. Maybe these will inspire me to do it more.

    1. Like I said Diane, they are eye candy. I love looking at them. They will inspire you to line dry!

  3. I hang my laundry where I live in the suburbs. I just have to remember to bring them in before bedtime. If I forget, they get sprinkled in the morning.

  4. Love hanging clothes out to dry. They have that fresh smell! I must admit that I HATE stiff jeans though and throw them in the dryer for a couple of minutes to get rid of that stiffness. 🙂 Tina Anderson

  5. I now grow some of my own food, preserve produce by canning and freezing, cook from scratch asap (though I am having pizza delivered as I type this) and next up is hanging my laundry to dry. Love!

    1. Mary I let the oldest country kid (Mr. Dustruct-o) loose on one and I can assure you, they are sturdy! LOL

  6. I love love love hanging my laundry up to dry on the line! Nothing beats that true fresh scent. These pins look amazing!

    1. They are amazing and so is the true fresh scent…. just can't replicate it with a dry sheet.

  7. I love the look of these pins! Its crazy how much bigger/sturdier they look then the regular cheep pins! I love line drying all my clothes, everything is better when you line dry. They smell better, they last longer, stay cleaner longer, saves money… 🙂

  8. I love drying clothes on the line. That fresh outdoor smell is like a drug. I can never get enough. I am a fresh clothes "junkie"!

  9. I like to hang sheets and blankets on the clothes line. I love to do this in the early Spring & Fall when the air smells yummy 🙂

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