A Week of Homestead Photos January 24th – 30th

What a crazy week. Stress, humor, joy, you name the emotion, I have been through it this week. Our alpha hen, Grumpy Goldie has a girly infection and it weighed heavy on my mind till we managed to get her to the vet. She is our oldest hen and I would so hate to lose her.

The country kids have been going stir crazy with the weather, which can’t decide if it is winter or spring. It is either slick ice sheets or mud, mud, and more mud out there.

I will warn you right now, I did a LOT of smiling this week. I normally don’t share this many photos, but I had to. I just couldn’t narrow it down anymore then this!

So what made me smile this week….

I’m not a big drinker, but this yummy stuff hit the spot on a stress
filled country kid day. Yes, I did sneak out on the porch, but in my
defense, it is made with real cream! 

She may wake me up by sitting on my chest, but at least she loves me.

The Lion Kind had Pride Rock, well I have Flock Rock!

Popcorn and a movie anyone? Well no movie, but they loved the popcorn.

Melting snow and winter rain, means frozen ground and ducky puddles!

The snow came back and Baby Girl just wanted to go sledding. To bad the sled was
upside down and froze to the ground.

Is it just me, or does it look like they are accusing Ester of passing gas?!?!
I mean she IS hanging her head in shame.

Sun shine and mini pool party. The ducks were loving it.

I started a GoFundMe campaign some time back to raise
money for some pig farmer friends of mine who lost their
house and moved into their barn. The barn wasn’t insulated,
so I have been trying to raise money to get that done, because
it is winter in Michigan. Check out this amazing email I got!!!!
I did a big old happy dance. 

Bill, where you born in a barn?!?! In or out and close the door, it’s cold!

Grumpy Goldie is having medical issues. That doesn’t make me
smile. What does is that the vet said my diagnosis was spot on
and the antibiotics should make her right as rain!

The duck super highway.

The oldest country kid making an enrichment project for the goats at a local zoo.

Poor Bruce going through a mid-winter molt. We hatched him, but he
went to live with another family. His mommy sends me updates from
time to time. Poor, poor Bruce. He looks so bad. LOL Frizzled
chickens always look worse during a molt.

Remember to take time out of your busy day to find your own things to make you smile!

6 thoughts on “A Week of Homestead Photos January 24th – 30th

    1. I wish we had more snow. Mother Nature has been stingy this year with the pretty white stuff. I don't care for the ice, which is about all we have since it keeps thawing and freezing. Weird winter. I love my Rouens too. They are my sweet babies. Can you tell I love ducks? LOL

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