Meet Nate!!!

This week’s Critter Spotlight goes to our oldest homestead kitty, Nate. At the time we got him, we were not thinking about his role in our family, but he quickly proved his role as a mighty mouser! What can I say, when you live in a house that is over 100 years old, you occasionally get a mouse or two during the colder months.

Now Nate wasn’t always know as Nate. When we first got him, we were told he was a she and since she was born in July, we decided to call her Julie. Well our first trip to the vet gave us the heads up that Julie had family jewels and a new name was needed. Now, never ask a 3 year old what he wasn’t to name his cat because Nate was then know as 9-G. See, I told you, never let a 3 year old name a cat. Luckily over time, some how 9-G morphed in to 9-G Nate Nate, and then just plain old Nate.

There is nothing plain about Nate though! While he has become a champion mouser, he has a soft side for every other living thing, including his human, the oldest country kid. This photo was taken the day we brought Nate home. Both little guys were so tuckered out after meeting that they had to take a nap together. Most nights Nate still sleeps by the oldest country kids side, almost seven years later.
October 22. 2009

We have many kinds of critters here at our homestead and amazingly, even though they form one heck of a food chain, they all get along. Why do we have so many critters? Well the oldest country kid has Aspberger’s and he just connects with animals better then other kids, so what is a critter loving mama to do? I mean in the long run, what’s one more mouth?

Cats, rats, and a country kid

I do find it odd sometimes how Nate will take out a mouse in a heart beat, but is as gentle as a lamb with baby chicks. He is ever curious, and I am sure instinct would kick in if he wasn’t supervised, but then again we once had a quail chick loose in the house for a day and Nate never hurt it. He is a very odd cat….. It’s like he knows who is off the menu.

Hello little ones

And it isn’t just other critters that Nate gets along with. He loves baby animals and humans. From the day we brought the littlest country kid home from the hospital, Nate took it upon himself to play the role of nap nanny. Every time you would lay the littlest country kid down, Nate was right there curled up by his side.

“Ssshhhhh, don’t wake the baby.”

Most days, Nate disappears somewhere in the house and just sleeps. He is hitting middle age, and well cats sleep, a lot. But once dusk falls, our mighty mouser is on the prowl. He isn’t much for cuddles, in fact he is kind of a scaredy cat! But if he wants something, like his food bowl filled, he isn’t afraid to speak up. He is a likable guy, who just prefers to hang on his own, unless you are asleep, then he will cuddle right up to you.

Computer powered puddy tat

Cats are such odd critters in my opinion. They live with us, eat the food we offer, do their own thing, but bless us with companionship, on their own terms. I appreciate Nate’s mousing abilities, but I really wish he would learn to toss them in the trash or at least not leave the bodies where I will step on them in the middle of the night. It doesn’t happen often but it has happened more then once. I know, I know, they are a gift. “Hey mom, look what I did!!!” But really, no one want that kind of gift on their way to the bathroom in the middle of the night!

18 thoughts on “Meet Nate!!!

  1. Nate and his gifts–that's funny. I had 12 cats at one time, but mine are getting up in age. I only have 8 left and my oldest is 16. I don't want to start over because now I am up in age. I have one girl that is a mouser. She leaves them at the back door. But, I still don't like stepping on them when I head out to feed the chickens. I love your ducks, but my hubby says no to ducks. I love hearing about your homestead life.

    1. We will break your hubby down!!! LOL Ducks have wonderful personalities and you can tell him your baked goods will be so much better with duck eggs in the recipes.

  2. Nate is absolutely adorable! I'm jealous that he is such a good mouser– my cat just sits on mice until they become disoriented, then makes me toss them outside haha.

  3. Aw, what do you mean you don't appreciate his gifts? 😉 LOL! Mine like to wait till I walk out the door, then drop (what's left of) the kill ON me. I love cats, but I agree with you that they are odd creatures.

  4. These are some of the cutest pictures. It is so adorable to see how he is with the baby animals and baby humans. There is some inner communication between animals and children I think. So cute. thanks for sharing them.

  5. Nate seems like such a sweet member of your family. Thanks for sharing him with Simply Natural Saturdays!

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