Meet Lizzy

Our Critter Spotlight falls this week on one of our odder critters here at the homestead, Lizzy the leopard gecko. Why do we have a gecko?!?! Oh well that is an easy question to answer, because we homeschool of course! She was our “classroom” pet this year and helped the oldest country kid learn all about the food web and other nature based scientific topics. Not to mention, she is just plan cool!

Like many animals here, she was a rescue. She had been surrendered by her owner who couldn’t get her to thrive. She was supposedly around a year old when we got her, but she was so tiny. The former owner tried to feed her on a strictly mealworm diet, which Lizzy didn’t care for. No wonder she wasn’t growing.

We brought her home with all her supplies the previous owner had surrendered with her, and immediately ditched the mealworms and put her on a cricket diet. If something isn’t working, than it was time for a change. And change Lizzy did! She began to grow at an alarming rate!

When geckos grow, they shed their skin and Lizzy was shedding almost ever week. It was really neat to get to see her thrive. It was also fun to get to see her shed skin. Kinda creepy, but cool. It is rare to get to see her shed as most of the time she does it at night and then consumes it.

Check out the claw of doom!!!!
While Lizzy doesn’t “get out” much, the other critters took an instant interest in her. In fact, most days you can find Anna the cat hanging out next to Lizzy’s pen. I’m not sure if they are “friends” but they sure seem to interact and look at each other through the glass a lot

Lizzy isn’t a cuddler, but she does enjoy having her back rubbed and will arch up when you do it to feel the full effect. She is an amazing hunter, and it is fun to watch as she stakes the crickets in her pen. For a girl who doesn’t move too fast 90% of the time, she sure is lightening quick when it comes to hunting. She is one of our lower maintenance critters, but that doesn’t make her any less a part of the craziness. And I’ll admit it, I am in love with her beautiful eyes! That golden ring around her eyes is stunning!

10 thoughts on “Meet Lizzy

  1. Hello Lizzy! You are one fascinating little gal. Enjoyed reading about you and so glad you are thriving.

  2. I would have never thought that a Gecko could be pretty but she is really pretty! Thanks for introducing us

  3. How cool! I knew they shed but didn't realize it was in a fairly large chunk like snakes.

  4. I'm not normally a reptile kinda girl, but Lizzy is adorable! Hope you have a great week, Mindie 🙂

    Edye |

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