Meet Blaze

This week’s spotlight is on a critter that was made right here, Blaze the bunny. What do I mean he was made right here? Well when the oldest country kid wasn’t that old, he let two of our bunnies (yup, one male and one female) out to play together. I’m pretty sure you can figure out that when he told me they were giving each other “piggy back rides,” what was really going on. *smacks forehead* So Blaze was born here just 28 days after that fateful day of piggy back rides.

And while I was none to please my son had accidentally bred our bunnies, you can’t help but get all squishy when it comes to baby critters. Since our male rabbit was a tiny little Mini Rex and mama was a big ol Flemish Giant, we had no clue what kind of mixed bag of baby bunnies we would end up with when they were born.

And what a mixed up little litter they were! There where different colors and patterns, and some grew up to be bigger like mama, while others were closer to dad’s size!

We never intended to keep a single bunny from the litter, but when the oldest country kid became smitten with one, we had to let the littlest country kid pick one to keep too, and Blaze was his choice. And thus the era of house bunnies began.

Of course blaze didn’t just stay in his pen…. Oh no, he was the beloved new best friend of a toddler who had to take him to his room to play every chance they could!
And so they have grown up together, playing in his room……
Blaze is still an inside rabbit, where he lives with his aging and ailing father, Steve. And while Blaze may not spend as much time as he used to playing in the littlest country kid’s room, the littlest country kid still loves to pamper Blaze with tasty treats!
Bunny best friends are the best!

19 thoughts on “Meet Blaze

  1. Oh, how sweet! This is a great story…from conception till today! The pics of them playing are priceless! Seems to me you've got some great critters…..and kids, too! Dona

  2. When baby bunnies first start hopping they have to be the cutest animal there is! What a sweet story. I have heard that rabbits can be litter box trained, is that true?

  3. OH my gosh…SOOOOOO pretty!! I want to snuggle! 🙂

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  4. Oh my gosh this that the picture of your son playing with the bunny is so stinkin cute! This post had me cracking up. I always knew piggy back rides could get you in trouble. Really enjoyed your post.

  5. Aw, what a gorgeous little guy! Thank you for introducing him to us at the Hearth and Soul Hop. Loved the photos!

  6. How cute!! I'm used to cats and dogs around the house, and you make me wanna have a little cutie like this bunny 🙂

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