Tasty Worms Review and Giveaway

From time to time I am asked by various businesses to review their products. I don’t always say yes, but when I was contacted by Tasty Worms about their new Tasty Grubs, I was not only willing to give them a try, but excited to do so. You see the folks behind Tasty Worms are a small family business that not only provide quality protein treats for chickens, but they support bat rehabilitation effort in Central Florida! They also work with the endangered gopher tortoise.

Did you know insectivorous bats can eat their own weight in insects per night. We here at The (mis)Adventures love bats, so this product is not only great for our chickens, but supports wildlife! Win/win!!! If you would like to know more about the work the folks behind Tasty Worms do, check them out at City Bats Conservancy on Facebook!

When the 5 lb bag of Tasty Grubs arrived, I was excited to see what these dried Black Soldier Fly larvae were all about. My first impression was the size and quality of these larvae. Mealworms are small and rather light and airy, not a lot of substance to the the treat, kind of like a fast food meal. These Tasty Grubs were bigger, thicker, and actually had some substance to them, like a sit down meal!

The guaranteed analysis for Tasty Grubs is: Protein 38%, Fat 42%, Calcium 1.2%, Phosphorous .8%, Moisture 3%. Not only are these Tasty Grub a good source of protein, but a wonderful source of Calcium and Phosphorus too. Why is that important? Because they are good for a chicken’s health and egg production! And get this, these little buggers are farmed right here in the USA! That’s right, the larve are grown right here in the USA. The larve are fed pre-consumer food residuals (distillers grains, cookie meal) an have no bovine ingredients. This product contains no stabilizers, preservatives or other additives.

I was also curious if our critters would dig them, the way they do mealworms. 100% they loved them! They come running when they see the bag now. And an added bounces is all that protein has been great for Ester the hen, who is an incredibly hard molter.

Every year when Ester molts, it looks like a feather pillow exploded. She runs around with feathers pointing every which way and naked spots all over! Protein is very important for feather growth and the Tasty Grubs have been such a big help in getting her through her molt. As you can see in the second photo, her feathers are coming in so nice. And while it may have been a rainy, very windy day in the second photo, she came running for her treat. These grubs not only taste great to chickens, but they are great for them!

Even our ducks love the Tasty Grubs. And the high protein in them is wonderful for growing ducklings. Betty usually keeps the ducklings a good distance from us, but when the Tasty Grubs come out, she will bring them right up to us for a treat.

So what can I say about Tasty Worms? I am in love with the Tasty Grubs product! And I am so proud to introduce you to this great small family business that not only provides a wonderful, healthy product, but supports American made products, and the environment. And they are a generous group of folks too, because they want to give one of YOU the chance to try their Tasty Grubs. And they are not talking a little bag of grubs, oh no, they are going to give you the chance to win a 5 lb bag, just like I received (and let me tell ya, that is a LOT of grubs!!!!)

This giveaway is open to residents of the USA. 
Please take the time to stop by Tasty Worms and say thanks to them for their generosity! 
Good luck!!

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22 thoughts on “Tasty Worms Review and Giveaway

  1. My girls get a variety of treats/snacks every day. They would love to get their beaks on some tasty grubs!

  2. mealworms, black fly larvae, watermelon, cantaloupe, tomatoes, lettuce, leftovers 😉

    1. Our chickens and ducks love mealworms too. They eat way too many way too fast. They love the grubs too, but take their time when they eat them.

  3. I have never given them store bought grubs but give them leftovers from the garden and weeds and grubs or beetles when I find them.

    1. I can see the value in them for the protein, especially way up north here where the winters can be brutal. Not only do grubs help with molting, egg production and general health, but gives them a face boost on those rough winter days.

  4. I usually feed scratch corn and rolled oats mix and/or mealworms as a treat. Would LOVE to try the tasty grubs! They sound like such a healthy treat for them.

  5. I don't keep chickens or ducks but if I did I'm sure they would love Tasty Worms! Thank you for sharing this post with us at the Hearth and Soul Hop – a lot of the folks who link up do keep chickens and ducks 🙂

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