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A Week of Homestead Photos October 23rd – 29th

Winter is coming! Winter is coming! It is…. It’s been in the 40’s all week and hubby (who drives  truck) saw snow north of us. It is only a matter of time before it creeps further south.

We finally have gotten the garden ready to sleep for the winter. We harvested some late broccoli, cauliflower, peppers and tators. We managed to get the critter shed cleaned this week and ready for the snow to fly. We also started working on our 80 lbs of black walnuts we have been drying. I can’t wait to use those in my holiday baking!

Pink eye made the round in preschool this week and the littlest country kid got it. Thankfully none of the rest of us did! But the cold and cough he has been battling did find its way to me. Ugh, sinus pressure.

The critters are all doing well, except poor Buffy who is the last of the girls to molt. Her feathers are starting to come in, but with these cold temps (down in the 30’s at night) she better hurry up and finish up!

So what made me smile this week?

 A little fall bouquet from my garden!!!! Pretty and tastes great too!
 We also finally got to work on our 80+ lbs of black walnuts that have been drying. When it comes to cracking nuts, the country kids aren’t the greatest…. more like smashing nuts. They were both fired before we finished up for the day (no where near done.) I can’t wait to start putting all those yummy nuts in my baking!! And get this…. Chickens like walnut meat. For real, these little vultures had to go through ever shell to make sure we didn’t miss any and snarfed up any little piece they found. 

Poor “Puffy Buffy” is no longer puffy. She is a hot mess of molting that’s what she is. No tail what so ever and these wings. Yet she struts the yard like she owns it!

Went out to close up for the night… Ms. Cinder has decided (or maybe she snores and the rest of the girls have decided) that she isn’t going to roost on the roost. Really? Found her way up on a shelf just as smug as could be.

The littlest country kid caught pink eye in preschool. I was sure of it around 9 pm. No one around us could see him AND fill a prescription that late, so we drove 40 miles to get to a provider who was near a 24 hour pharmacy. We were both exhausted but at least he kept smiling.

Mr. Bill, Betty (on the left) and Baby Girl (on the right), I love these ducks!

My snugly puss who loves to take naps with me. 

When I went to lock up one night, our alpha hen, Buffy, wasn’t on the top roost. What!?!?! That is when I realized her royal highness, who is molting, had sandwiched herself in between her minions on a lower roost for warmth as it was 40 degrees out. Not sure how Fifi and Wanda felt about being used as live blankets, but I guess when your low man down, you do what the alpha hen tells ya!
Beautiful, even if she is naughty and still refusing to sleep on the roost.
Age and motherhood have taken a toll on Betty the duck. When I was cuddling her I found THIS! One single white feather in her neck. Is it the duck equivalent to a gray hair!?!?! LOL I think her and I just need to go pick up a box of hair color and grab a drink and have a mom’s night out. We are both starting to show signs of our age.
Yes, yes I do tuck Heidi the homestead hound in for bed. I had to tuck her in, cause I am a good critter mama, it’s what we do. It’s been dipping into the 30’s at night. Don’t judge! LOL

Who’s handsome? Yes, Mr. Bill, you are! Who’s my pretty boy? Who’s my pretty boy? I think he is blushing! LOL
Remember to take time out of your busy day to find your own things to make you smile!

18 thoughts on “A Week of Homestead Photos October 23rd – 29th

  1. Always enjoy them! Brrrr….wish we had a LITTLE of your cool temps. We are into the high 60's at night now, which is lovely for AZ! Have a great week! Dona

  2. Mindie, we are having the same weather here in NH. And I certainly won't judge, because I tuck in my old cat all the time when I see her on the couch. She likes to be wrapped in an afghan as it gets colder. �� Love your posts! Rheta

  3. OHHHH, your little country kid – that grin even though suffering with pink eye. Hope the sinus/head cold runs it course quickly. My one older hen is molting and we have had some temps in the 40's, I hope she fills back in quickly – been giving her plenty of the meal worms I won :-). Have a good week!

  4. Thank you for your photos and sharing your life with us. Your stories make me smile. AND our little mutt dog tucks herself in every night under the covers in our bed! She also has 2 of her own blankets on the couch. SHE is spoiled rotten and deserves it.

  5. Wonderful pictures. I am trying to get my cauliflower, cabbage, and broccoli in the ground, but it is still 80-90 degrees out. I don't think fall is ever going to show up here.

  6. As always, I really enjoyed your photos, Mindie! Your veggies look amazing, and it sure is getting cold round here too! Sorry to hear about your son's pink eye. That can be such a nuisance, but I'm glad he is on the mend. Thank you for being a part of our Hearth and Soul Hop community!

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