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A Week of Homestead Photos October 30th – November 5th

What a long week. I mean looooong. The country kids have been sneaking downstairs at night and were a hot mess from lack of sleep. I was a hot mess because I am battling a sinus cold and am exhausted from being woke by them sneaking. Guess they don’t sneak very well.

Luckily by Thursday we managed to get sleep and attitudes turned around. Mine included. Maybe it was because the stars aligned and the Cubs won the World Series!?!?!

The oldest country kid spent the weekend helping around his grandparent’s property since my mom broke her ankle and they had a lot of outside jobs that had to be done before the snow flies. I will be picking him up in few and I hope the positive behavior he has been displaying before leaving and while there continues.

So what made me smile this week?

Ever wonder what the bottom of a duck’s foot looked like? Wonder no more!

Hubby raked leaves and I took this photo less then 24 hours later. Mother Nature has a sense of humor!

So the oldest country kids and I went to a Houdini seance on Halloween. It was all quite the “production.” They even put his favorite food (a bagel with lox) in his milk can he used to escape out of, before beginning. Much to the oldest country kid’s disappointment, Harry Houdini did NOT make his presence know.

So for those of you who were wondering…. The (elusive) oldest country kid was a Lego brick and the littlest country kid (minus makeup, so glad I bought it) was a clown for Halloween this year. 

The Sanhill cranes are breath taking in the early morning light.

“Landing gear down! Landing gear down!! Move it folks, we’re trying to land here!”

Sandhill cranes coming in for a landing

Little Ms. Layla has become quite the “escape artist.” Or should I say, she is opportunistic and will leave her pen whenever the oldest country kid doesn’t lock it, which is happening WAY too often lately. I think she was honestly glad to have me catch her. The ducks were raising quite the stink about her hopping around. LOL

Wednesday morning (not my photo) – We are not a sports family by any means. To much to do to be sitting watching games, but tonight…. tonight we will be watching game 7. I have been a Cubbies fan since before I could crawl. My dad used to put me on a blanket in front of the tv when he watched. Never in a million years did I think they would make the World Series, let alone be this close to winning it all. 
 Someone keeps sneaking downstairs at night. Someone keeps screaming “I’m not sleeping!!!!” when we keep waking him up. So I decided, since he wasn’t sleeping he would tell me to stop putting marshmallows on him, but he never woke long enough to tell me to stop. But he’s not sleeping! LOL
Wednesday (actually Thursday morning 1 am) –  They did it!!!!!!!! My Cubbies won the World Series!!

Buffy’s wing feathers are coming in!!! She might be fully clothed before the snow flies!!! 

The oldest country kid came in yelling “Moooom, I found something in the duck pool!!!!!” Yup, I know, kid. That’s why I had you clean the duck pool. LOL When I put the critters to bed the night before, I saw this attached to Betty’s bum when I forced her out of the pool for lock up. It detached when she jumped out. He was so freaked out. It is a “misfire.” An egg with just a smattering of calcium around it where the shell should be. It is rubbery and he refused to touch it. Gonna have to add some calcium supplement in her diet and hope it doesn’t happen again. Pretty neat to see though.

House rats are nothing like their wild counter parts…. Take Ms. Ratty here…. Yes, she is eating a piece of candy corn, because she is a spoiled house rat and well, we had some left over from Halloween. What gets me is how she turns her nose up at real corn and sunflower seeds. Really!?!?! Snob of a rodent. Give her a pizza crust and she eats for a week. Give her a proper diet and she looks at you like you have lost your mind. *sigh* Why do all the critters around here have to be so stinkin weird and demanding?

It’s been a while since I shared a “hot duck” photo. Look at it from a female duck’s perspective….Mr. Bill is one hot duck! Look at that blue on his wing!! That’s what makes a girl’s heart pitter patter! And those drake curls in his tail. Hubba hubba!! It don’t get much better then this ladies. So if you come back in your next life as a duck…. find yourself a hot duck, like Mr. Bill. *wink*

Awhile ago my mom said the littlest country kid needed a “real” bed, aka frame and boards as we just had his box spring and mattress on the floor. Man how I wish we hadn’t listened to her! At least when it was on the floor I did not have to send him on spelunking expeditions when we cleaned his room. This was his third trip under. It is amazing how much stuff fits under a bed… stuffed animals, candy wrappers, assorted papers….. and a vehicle sales flyer!?!? When I tried to toss it, he informed me that was HIS book and made me read the names of ALL the vehicles in it. LOL Yeah, this boy loves cars. And this mom loves beds on floors.

Remember to take time out of your busy day to find your own things to make you smile!

6 thoughts on “A Week of Homestead Photos October 30th – November 5th

  1. OK, no contest this week! The bottom of the duck foot, with the duck looking on asking what the heck you are doing, wins the prize!! Priceless! The cranes come in a close second, and Mr Bill is in a class by himself! (swoon) Love them all! Thanks (again) for sharing!! Dona

    1. Well I was checking all the ducks feet, ya know, routine health thing and thought "hey, most people have no idea what the bottom of a ducks foot looks like!" I'm weird, I know. LOL

  2. lol Kids like the weirdest things, don't they? I'm glad our daughter's bed doesn't eat too many things yet. Our bed is STILL on the floor…Actually, I think it has been since hubby and I haven been together. lol Stopping by from the Family Joy link up this week.

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