52 Week Illustration Challenge ~ Can I really do this?!?

This year I decided was going to be the year I wrote a book. Not a how to or recipe book, oh no, I want to write a children’s book! I have a jumble of story ideas in my head, many to do with the critters that call this place home. And while I am great at taking pictures of those animals, I haven’t really made any “art” since high school, and that my friends, was a looooong time ago!

Of course the important part of a children’s book, other then a good story, is the illustrations. I know when I read to my children, the pictures matter. They can either draw the reader’s eye in or just fall flat. I don’t want my children’s book (if I do get it done) to fall flat in the art department.

Oh, I know, if you write a great story publishers will hook you up with a fantastic artist to illustrate your book. But let’s be honest, at this rate, I don’t even know any publishers…… So I figure I better be able to illustrate my own story. We will worry about the whole “actually getting it published” thing when I actually get the book written and illustrated!

I was so excited when a friend of mine pointed me to the 52 Week Illustration Challenge. There is also a group for this page where everyone shares their work and encourages each other. Let me tell you I was scared beyond belief when I posted my work the first week, but even the totally mind blowing, amazing artists there were friendly and supportive of a new comer.

Now I know I am no rock star. Heck for Week 1: Whimsy, I was using the country kids’ colored pencils to make my drawing. But I think Mr. Bill sporting a tie turned out very cute.

Week 2: Feathered Friends, I decided to try to be a Ms. Fancy Pants, like those amazing artists that where sharing and I turned to a computer drawing program to make my piece. I will admit, it looks a lot more professional and clean….. but it wasn’t very fun to make. Seriously, I preferred the pencils.

So for Week 3: Australiana, I went back to those chewed on colored penciles. There is just something about moving a pencil that is so much more relaxing to me then moving a computer mouse. I liked my concept, but again, the execution failed to thrill my eyes. I was falling flat. *sigh* Not to mention, it was pointed out to me that Kiwis are from New Zeeland, NOT Australia. Oops!

We are now into Week 4: Ode to favorite children’s book. I loved reading The Guruffalo to the oldest country kid when he was little, and since we are the homesteading type, I decided to put a little twist on the cover of the book. Instead of the Gruffalo and mouse, I went with the horned (and fanged) Duckuffalo going after a worm. This is my favorite drawing so far! So much so, I didn’t want to mess it up with those darn colored pencils!

So what’s a girl to do? I ordered some illustrating markers! I can’t wait for them to arrive because I so want to add color to this. I think with the right tools, I might just be able to actually make a decent looking finished product. I really hope my markers come very soon, because the next few weeks the themes just beg for beautiful color. I mean how can I draw a peacock or a garden without them!

Now if you will excuse me, I’m going to go stare out the window for the mail lady…….

18 thoughts on “52 Week Illustration Challenge ~ Can I really do this?!?

    1. I am enjoying it. As a kid I hated "homework" but I look forward to each new assignment theme! I may never make the New York Times best seller list, but I am enjoying the pure joy of crating.

  1. Love the Duckuffalo! I also love your drawings much more than computer assisted drawing. Keep it up and I cannot wait to see the glorious colors!

    1. I can't wait for my markers. LOL I am like a kid at Christmas. The anticipation is killing me.

  2. Oh, I can't tell you how happy I am that you are pursuing this!! That Duckuffalo is fabulous! I'm sure there will be lots of us out here cheering you on!!! Dona

    1. I need all the cheering I can get! I am nervous about sharing anything I create, so thank you.

  3. Love the duck in the tie! Good luck with your children's books. My mom has been writing my children little books for years now and this last one I decided was too good not to do something with. As I work on getting hers published I will enjoy watching to see how yours is coming, it will be almost like doing it together 🙂

    1. Getting it published, like by someone, is beyond me. Working on self publishing through Amazon. If you have any great ideas on getting word about it out there….

  4. I think your illustrations are GREAT!! Never give up – sometimes as we get older, have kids, etc etc we loose that part of us that loves to be creative. I know I have enjoyed starting to color in the books that I have and hope for that creative spark to continue. I have even been watching some of Bob Ross on Netflix – happy little trees live here and here 🙂

  5. I love challenges although I'm not very good at drawing. Thanks for sharing with us at #OvertheMoon Link Party.

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