Halloween Cookie Sheet Crafts (with a bonus!)

Every year for Halloween, I try to come up with a new decoration that I can make myself, because let’s face it, Halloween decor prices can be down right scary! The past couple years I have made headstones and vultures out of flamingos, but this year I wanted to go with something with more “cute.” Something you could hang on your front door and not scare the neighborhood kids to death with.

Cookie sheets and pizza pans are amazing to craft with. Seriously, you can pick them up for $1 a piece at Dollar Tree and turn them into something for any holiday, from painted to magnetic displays. You have to love cheap pans! The key to crafting with them is to scuff them up with sand paper before you paint on them so the paint adheres, and always make sure you seal your finished project! There is nothing more heart breaking them to get your craft on, only to have Mother Nature (or your kids LOL) ruin it.

You can use either spray paint or acrylic paint to make these affordable Halloween Cookie Sheet “monsters.” In fact, I used both! I am cheap, ummm, I mean frugal, so I used what paint I had on hand, which was a mix of the two types. I used acrylic orange paint because for some unknown reason, orange spray paint is like one of the most expensive colors on the shelf at our local hardware store! And since I already had green acrylic, well you get it, use what you have.

If you are going to use spray paint for these projects, use it outside. I know I shouldn’t have to say that, but I feel like in today’s society, I have to cover my butt, and keep all of you from huffing fumes. Also, put down some newspaper. I know if you spray paint your grass white, it’s no big deal, because the snow is coming, but let’s just avoid any questions from your neighbors as to what happen to your lawn.

For the mummy, after the white spray paint was dry, I simply took some rolled gauze and mod podged it on. I used craft glue to stick big google eyes on, and poof, cute little mummy!

On Frankie, I used acrylic green paint and then used black spray paint to put his hair on. I finished off his face with black acrylic and some pretty big googly eyes I picked up at a craft store. Of course Frankie isn’t Frankie without…..

Neck bolts! I picked these up out of the bulk bins at the local hardware for less then a dollar for both. I just hot glues those bad boys on, and Frankie was set to hit the town!

For the hangers, I simply hot glued twine to the backs of my cookie sheets. Easy peasy and we are done! Right?!?! Wait, wasn’t there a pumpkin in the intro photo?!?! Yes there was! For the pumpkin I used a pizza pan (also $1.) But when I did the pumpkin, I got the idea to make it double sided so it could be reused at Christmas!

That’s right, I painted one side like a pumpkin and the other like snowman! My children were highly impressed with not only my creativity, but my forethought of the snowman. Hey, what can I say, my kids are easily impressed something, LOL But I did end up with four decorations for two different holidays!

When It came to putting the hanger on the pumpkin/snowman, I used twine and hot glue, but put a cute, rustic bow on the snowman side. Because let’s be honest, nothing is better then a rustic snowman at Christmas! Am I right or am I right?

These pans where easy to do. You don’t have to have a ton of artistic skill to make these, but people will think you do when you’re done! In fact, when we went on our annual Halloween camping trip and decorated our site, we had lots of folks walking by, commenting, and smiling. I know I smile every time I see Frankie. I know I shouldn’t play favorites with my craft projects, but don’t tell Mummy and Pumpkin, because I am totally in love with how Frankie turned out!

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