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Take a Peek at our Week October 15-21

The rains have finally stopped! To bad they are coming back. I am sooooo over being wet! I am so tired of the temp patch I did on the critter shed leaking. But we took advantage of the nice days this week to dry out.

I really enjoyed being able to spend more time with my flock and harvest seeds. The sound of the migrating Sand Hill cranes are echoing in my ears. They are migrating this time of year and while their return always makes me sad that the snow will fly soon, they are so beautiful to see. We get thousands of them during this time of year and again in the spring. I am much happier to see them in spring! LOL

We also picked up building materials this week, so we can start reroofing the critter shed! I am so over the moon happy about this. Too bad we will have to sit out a few more days of rain before we can begin.

So what made me smile this week?

When the water in your duck pool is as brown as your ducks, it might be time to clean it! LOL

Helping the oldest country kid with homework is always a delight (note sarcasm.) But every once in a while, you get something good like this gem for example from science class. I am about to tell you something amazing that you can wow your friends with. Ready! There are caterpillars in this world that look like poo. That’s not very impressive, cause some days my shoes look like poo. What is amazing is that these little caterpillars not only look like poo, but curve themselves to really look like poo. Why do we care? Because some scientist did a study of poo marked caterpillars and found when they put out dough marked like the poo caterpillars, if they were left straight, birds ate them. But when they put out dough marked and curved like the poo caterpillars the birds refused to eat them. Talk about some smart caterpillars, camouflaging themselves as poo, cause who eats poo? Nobody it would appear. So see folks, it’s not what you look like, but how you act that drives others away! But I am still glad I don’t look like poo. And I am still sitting here wondering what scientist said “Hey let’s make a bunch of fake poo caterpillars out of dough and see what happens.” And I thought my social life was bad!

Did you know, black chickens, for some unknown reason, beyond my brains ability to figure out, are hard to photograph? Yup, they are. I find it much easier to do so when it is slightly overcast. Though when your chicken won’t hold still, it really is a pointless thing to try. Of course there are bugs to be pecked, so how dare I expect Cinder to pose!

You see this woman? If you knit or crochet, you need to know this woman. Her name is Lindsey and she owns The Yarn Garden. This is the magical place where my hubby disappears to from time to time, claiming he is working late. While some men may lie about going to the bar, mine lies about visiting the yarn shop. Trust me, I count my blessings, because if this is the worst thing he does, we are good, like sooooo good. But back to Lindsey…. Her shop is packed full of the most beautiful yarn, like ever. She likes to work with small producers and folks who use natural dyes. You cannot help but fondle things in her store, because it is all so soft. Yes, my hubby fondles things in her store and bless her heart, she lets him. But back to Lindsey… She also writes the most beautiful patterns. Thanks to her and her monthly Seed Club, I have an amazing scarf and hat for this winter! She does ship, so don’t let location be a factor when looking at her stuff. You will thank me for hooking you up with my hubby’s yarn dealer, cause, psssst, she had the GOOD stuff! If you are local and a woman, (sorry guys, it’s a girls night out kind of thing) Tuesday nights are knit night! And even though it is called knit night, you can totally crochet. It’s a fun night to hang out, girl talk, and work on your project or get some help. And if you do go visit Lindsey online or in real life, tell her the truck driver’s wife sent ya. Yup, in the yarn world, that’s my name LOL

This little turd, right here, just about gave me a heart attack. I went to check on the oldest country kid’s hermit crab, and he was GONE. I went through the pen and no crab. Great, just great. How do you tell a kid his crab “ran away”!?!?!? So I stood there, stunned, but positive that the crab was NOT in its pen. I called hubby to ask when was the last time he had seen the crab (cause I don’t often deal said missing crab) but of course he didn’t answer his phone. With panic in my heart I began to search the area around the pen and thankfully, by some small miracle, I found this little turd, trapped in an upside down seed tray cover. He had “jumped” about a foot and a half before becoming stuck in the try. I am happy to report that the crab is unharmed and back in his pen. I am beyond thrilled I don’t have to tell the oldest country kid that his crab “ran away” even though it really did!

Do not, I repeat, do not wake your rat at 6:30 in the morning with a chipper, sing song tone, with tidings of “Good Morning Miss Ratty Rat.” Because this, this face is what you will get as she pokes her head out of her barn. Yes, that is a little plastic rattle barn, because this is a homestead and we have no cattle, so it is a rattle barn. Don’t question me, it’s too early to justify my weirdness….. And yes, yes that is a little piece of brown towel she uses as a blanket. What?!?! Winter is coming! I fear my own lack of sleep is catching up to me…… Sorry Miss Ratty Rat for waking you.
**Tip toes quietly away**

My Rose of Sharons are all going to seed….. And while I love these plants (our yard is surrounded by them and they are great for privacy and pollinators) I have more then I need. These thing reproduce like rabbits in our yard! Must be all the chicken poop. I offered the first 5 people on Facebook who contacted me, some seeds I harvested in an attempt to cut down on baby plants next spring. 15 people later I stopped taking addresses.
I have such a hard time saying no to people. LOL

The darn black squirrel in our tree is going to drive poor Heidi the Homestead Hound nuts. He actually taunts her. I’m not joking. He knows just how far her tie out goes. She sits like this every morning, just dreamin of getting her paws on him…..

It’s after 10:30 pm, everyone is in bed but me, and I finally got a chance to fall over on the couch. And this happens?!?! My hip is not a cat bed and my butt is not a scratching post! I’m just trying to finish up my to do list for tomorrow and Nate keeps digging his nails into my rump. While I’m glad he finds my fluffiness appealing, he is seriously hurting my tooshie! But does he care? I think the look on his face says it all.

There was a split second where I imagined all the ducks wearing these,
but then I remembered I would have to catch them first……
After much measuring, math, and looking up products, I have sent the Homesteadin Hubby off to get the roofing supplies for redoing the critter shed roof. This roof is going to last way past my life time. It might even be nicer then our house! Of course he has already called me for clarification on some of my items (as my dumb butt failed to see if things were special order on the website. Oh well, substitute) And the best part is, everything in the store is on 11% rebate!!!!! That’s right, people, I’m a penny pincher till the end! Talk about some truly spoiled critters, but we do have a celebrity in our midst, so….
So I walked into Family Farm and Home and I hear “Hey, it’s the woman with the famous duck!” Great, now my name is “Woman with the famous duck.” Bless their hearts, they had saved an article out of the paper for me (that I didn’t even know had been published!!!) Yup folks, Purina Poultry’s Miss Flock-tober 2017 buys her food at Family Farm and Home. It’s where the famous ducks shop!

Remember to take time out of your busy day to find your own things to make you smile!

6 thoughts on “Take a Peek at our Week October 15-21

  1. Not trying to be a downer, but careful with wood chips in with your hermit crab. If it's anything except coconut, there's a good chance he's escaping to get away from it, as most wood with any level of acidity burns their exoskeleton. Sand is best for them. 🙂 If you're ever looking for good info about them, check out a hermit crab forum, there's quite a few really good ones out there with very helpful members.

  2. That's great! Sorry for bothering you about it, I just always worry when I see wood chips because so many people (and even pet stores) have no idea and the poor little things suffer.

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