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Take A Peek At Our Week Jan 21 – 27

take a peek at our week

It’s time to take a peek at our week!

We start the week off with snow, which is gone now, but I am sure will return. The unseasonably warm temps have started our sugaring season early this year. The test tap we put in last weekend started dripping, so we put out all our taps this week and will be boiling shortly! I know the temps will dip back down, because it’s winter in Michigan and there is no way these perfect sugaring temps will last. And that’s alright because it just means the season is going to last a while and I will get breaks from hauling and boiling on the days things freeze up.

This week has also been one of vet visits and dr appointments. Ginger the cat developed a skin condition from an unidentified allergy, but is healing up nicely. The littlest country kid developed an ear infection. Bless his little heart he didn’t complain till it was beyond awful. I would be very thankful if we can just go a week with no one ill or injured, but I am not holding my breath since the weather keeps changing so drastically.

So what made me smile this week?

opossum in snow
Oh my god, it was the size of a Buick!!!! Okay, maybe not a Buick, but this opossum was BIG. This must be the granddaddy of all opossum around here because he was really, really big. Did I mention he was big?!?! You could of saddled and rode him he was so big. I’ve seen plenty of opossum in my time, but this guy *whistles* He takes the prize.
smashed chicken eggs
Betty the duck tried to use the chicken nest box. Betty is a Rouen, a heavy breed of duck. Betty’s big butt smashed the chicken eggs! Oh Betty, let’s NOT use the chicken nest box! I am still trying to figure out how she got her big butt up there……
easy cheese danish
So this might have happened this morning, Easy Cheese Danish! Feel free to drool but make sure you wipe up any puddles you create. I will not be held responsible for slip and fall injuries due to Cheese Danish photos!
Black Chicken
“Mom, mom, the snows gone!!!!” Yes Cinder it is, but I’m sure it will be back, I mean it is only January in Michigan. Let’s not get our hopes up, sista.
burger patties
Burgers and fries, it’s what’s for dinner. The kids wonder what my “secret ingredient is”…. It’s just some Worcestershire sauce. LOL
Ginger cat
The look your cat gives you after it has to go to the vet and you may have told her there wouldn’t be any shots, but you lied. That face, the betrayal…. In my defense I didn’t know there was going to be a shot!
sap bucket
I love my bucket of sap! Guess Tapping Season is starting early this year! Now to get the rest of the taps in and set up the evaporator this weekend and start boiling. Sure hope the temperature holds.
littlest country kid napping
Dropped the oldest country kid at school and then headed to the dr for the littlest’s ear infection. Then we had to go sit and wait for his meds. He got fed up and told me he was taking a nap, he didn’t care if we were in the middle of a store! Ah to be young and just do whatever the heck you want where ever the heck you might me.

tasty grub chicken treats
The flock was super excited this morning because mommy brought them treats from Tasty Worms Nutrition Inc. The girls get a little “pushy” when it comes to these grubs, so I let Cinder eat straight from the bag so she doesn’t have to compete with them and get pecked. Yes, I do play favorites sometimes. No I’m not sorry.

Remember to take time out of your busy day to find your own things to make you smile!




4 thoughts on “Take A Peek At Our Week Jan 21 – 27

  1. I was just about to ask you for more details on tapping when I came to the video. How cool! And then those happy happy ducks! The big butt and the Buick made me LOL.
    I love catching up with you.
    🙂 gwingal

  2. When we lived in Southern California we had lots of possums. Before we gave up on having a cat door to the back yard they would come right into the house to eat at the food dishes. I can’t remember how many we trapped and relocated to the park nearby (where they must have come from anyway). They sure can be vicious when cornered. – Margy

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