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Take A Peek At Our Week Feb 11 – 17

Take A Peek At Our Week

Enjoy this peek at our week!

Winter, spring, no winter, just kidding it’s spring….. We went from knee deep in snow to seeing grass peeking at us again. Sugaring season is starting up, again. With the temps fluctuating the sap flows, freezes, and starts up again. Looking at the extended forecast however, gives me hope we are on again for some time.

We held our first free online fermenting workshop this week. I was nervous being on camera but a few minutes in I totally relaxed and had a great time talking with everyone. Our second workshop is this week and I can’t wait. My family is enjoying the fermented foods I made in preparation for my talks. Its been a while since I fermented and I forgot how much fun it can be and how taste it is. Not to mention how good for your gut! Now if my family would refrain from eating my props!

We are all itching for spring around the homestead. Hubby has started two variety of tomato seeds, which is early for Michigan but his hope for spring springs eternal! I for my part have been drooling of poultry websites and catalogs. I really want to add call ducks and the oldest country kid would some Cochin chicks. All I know is our local feed store announced chicks were coming. The temptation is real!!!!

So what made me smile this week?

collecting sap
Some of our 5 gallon buckets we use to collect sap for make maple syrup. At the beginning of the week I feared that if it doesn’t stop snowing, they were going to disappear!
When you have 5 chickens and get 5 eggs….. yeah, some days the poultry gods shine down on your nest box! I love how each egg is so individual and beautiful. And yes, I know who laid which!
spicy carrot sticks
Got some of my spicy carrot sticks fermenting on the counter. Hubby has been bugging me to get some going. Ask and you shall receive!
chicken in the snow
Mr Bill and Cinder were by the pop door of the critter shed just watching Buffy wander off into the untouched snow. I’m pretty sure their conversation concluded with “That girl has LOST her mind!” I think Buffy regret wandering into uncharted territory when she looked back and saw how far away the shed was. At least she can follow her footsteps back!

Part 1 of our 3 part free Facebook live fermenting series. I was nervous at first but had so much fun doing it. I can’t wait for this weeks event where we talk about salts and an anaerobic environment. You can stay up to date and grab all the free handouts over on our Fermenting Workshop page!
Cinnamon Roll Breakfast Bread
When you tinker in the kitchen and come up with a cinnamon roll type bread that smells and looks so good you have to hide it no one eats it before you can take pictures. Yes it does taste as good as it looks. It smells amazing too. You know you want to lick the screen. Or you could just make your own Cinnamon Roll Breakfast Bread!
heidi the homestead hound
You will observe that Heidi the homestead hound is refusing to make eye contact but her tail is blurred because she is wagging a mile a minute. Why? Because I asked her to get off the couch and since she didn’t make eye contact, she “didn’t hear me.” But I know she did because that wagging tail is her way of laughing at me! I’m telling ya, she is totally messing with me.
truck load of wood
This pile of wood in my truck makes me so happy for two important reasons. 1) I finally got some weight in the rear end of my truck, so no more slipping and sliding in the snow and 2) When the snow is gone, we’ll have wood to burn in the sap evaporator for making our maple syrup! Yup, life is good.
poopy ducks
Why must they walk out of the shed door and vacate their bowels?!?! I’m trapped by duck doo!!!! Thank goodness the snow is melting because that just looks so nasty. And the neighbors all wonder how we have such green grass every year
country kids playing
Someone mark the calendar!!!! The country kids are near each other and no one is screaming….. They are actually playing together like *gasp* OTHER people’s children…..

Remember to take time out of your busy day to find your own things to make you smile!


4 thoughts on “Take A Peek At Our Week Feb 11 – 17

  1. That bread looks amazing! We had lots of warm temps and rain then it snowed and today it was nearly 70 so it all melted again. It’s crazy weather but I am LOVING this taste of spring today.

    1. It has been raining none stop today and I am over it! It’s sugaring season and I am soaked to the bone and my shoes have turned into mud cakes LOL

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