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Take A Peek At Our Week Feb 18 – 24

take a peek at our week

Enjoy this peek at our week!

I am so over rain. I have been soaked to the bones this week trying to get things done and make maple syrup. And while the taps are running great, we are dealing with flooding all around us. I am now the proud owner of a sump pump because we had 9″ of water in our basement. And it is awful hard to build and maintain a fire for the sap evaporator when the rains just keep coming. Luckily we have 2 days of sunshine before the rains return.

With all of this oddly warm weather in Michigan in February, I am so jonesing for spring. I just want to grow things and have baby critters born. While the ground hog said 6 more weeks of winter, I think he was talking to everyone but Michigan! While a longer growing season would be great this year, I am waiting for the “other shoe” to drop. This weird weather worries me.

So what made me smile this week?

Playing Operation
Someone mark the calendar!!!! The country kids were near each other and no one was screaming….. They actually played together like *gasp* other people’s children….. Is there a full moon!?!?!
I am so excited!!! Our San Mariano tomato seeds are growing. Why am I so excited? Because I saved these seeds myself from tomatoes we grew last year.
new used fridge
We got a new to us (used) fridge. Our old fridge had seen better days and well it was getting a little scary with all the rust and the gaskets starting to fall off. We got a really good deal from the couple we bought it from. This is the nicest appliance I think I have ever owned. It beeps at you if you leave the door open too long. The country kids just kept opening it and ooohhhing and aaaahhhing and then it would beep. It doesn’t take much to entertain them. Oh and now I don’t have to bend over to look in my fridge and this one the light actually works!!! I feel so swanky!!
Larry the rabbit
You know how some people need a cup of coffee in the morning before they can face the world? Well Larry here needs a few sips of fresh water before he can stand me. This is his version of the stink eye because I was all up in his face with the camera, but when he is drinking is the only time I can get close enough and he sits still!!!

Part 2 of our 3 part free Facebook live fermenting series. This week we talked about salts and an anaerobic environment. You can stay up to date with the videos and grab all the free handouts over on our Fermenting Workshop page!

Just keep boiling, just keep boiling, just keep… is it too early in the season to be sick of boiling?!?! 😂 I had to put a patio table umbrella over the evaporator in order to keep the down pour of rain off so I could get a fire started. I got soaked to the bone, and I think I’m delirious. And nope, I didn’t get all the sap boiled. Sugaring season is a pain sometimes 😜 But I do love maple syrup!

Sewing a stuffed animal
When it’s a stuffed animal emergency first thing in the morning!! Yes, puppy HAD to be fixed at 6:30 am, well at least the littlest country kid insisted it did. *sigh* Good thing I like that kid and I was awake enough not to stab myself!
Foil meals, not just for camping anymore! I am so over winter, so I brought some of that camping and grilling flavor to life in our oven with our baked sausage and veggie foil packets. And yes, it tasted just as amazing as it looks!
wet hen
It has rained so much this week…. Everything is flooded, bridges are closed, and our basement had 9″ of water. And while none of this made me smile, at least silly Cinder playing in the rain made me grin. Goofy bird!!

The river in town…. the flooding is intense. Listen to that roar! At least they say it’s starting to recede. What did make me smile about this was I had The Weather Channel and ABC ask if they could use my little video!!!! I have no clue if either of them did, but it was nice to be asked!

chicken drinking our of a frisbee
When you clean and fill the waterer and they walk outside, find a dirty old Frisbee and set to drinking the yucky water out of it…. Ick!!!
playing Clue
Family game night….. how the heck does a 6 year old country kid win when he can barely read and kept forgetting to mark his clue list!?!?!?


Remember to take time out of your busy day to find your own things to make you smile!



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