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Take A Peek At Our Week March 18-24

Enjoy this peek at our week!

This week has been chilly but productive. Sugaring season is still flowing, but this girl is getting tired! We have more then enough syrup for our family so we are gearing up to sell some syrup and some maple hard candies we have been making. This is a good way to use cottage industry laws in order to bring some income back to the homestead.

Our newest flock members (two little silkies) continue to grow, doubling their size! I wish hubby would name his little ones or I swear I will start calling them tiki and masala! I seriously love chicken tiki masala. It is one of my favorite Indian dish.

And while the weather continues to dip below freezing at night, signs of spring are everywhere. The songs birds are coming back and it is so loud in the mornings when I take the country kids to school. We have begun providing a little extra feed for the early birds and Heidi the homestead hound is donating her fur for nesting material for the over eager birds.

So what made me smile this week?

When your just trying to get to the bathroom but a cattle farm seems to have sprouted up…… Need to have the “pick your toys up when your done” talk again. I seriously could have twisted an ankle on that stampede….
When you transplanted all your tomato seedling like a week ago, and you walk by the pile of containers that you started those seedlings in and find this!!!! Where there is a will, there is a way. Glad I was lazy and didn’t dump the “dud” cells out last week!


It’s sugaring season and that means it’s time to fire up the sap evaporator!

Oh no, my hair is infested!


Poultry workshop – Picking chicks 🐥 We will be talking about starting your flock or adding to it. Our newest flock members are helping us out today! We will also be answering your questions! Need more chicken info? Check out our Chickens 101 section on our site
Oh sure, hubby can slip some silkie chips in his pocket and bring them home but when I fall in love with a turkey he tells me to put it back because I wouldn’t let him eat it when it grew up.
We have already made enough maple syrup for our family’s needs, but the taps are still flowing, so now we are making candy! We are making Maple hard candies and they are soooo yummy! It has been an awesome sugaring season here in MI.
Spring is coming! How do I know? Well Heidi the Homestead Hound is shedding more then usual. I brushed her down and she decided to donate her locks to the returning songbirds. I placed her puff of love in the tree she prefers to poop under so she could enjoy watching her feathered friends come for nest building materials. Just wish the birds were a little quieter in the mornings…. it’s deafening out there!
We went to the oldest country kid’s autism spectrum program at the zoo. It’s a once a month thing we drive 40+ minuets to go to. We always have a good time. This month’s highlights include a pile of sleeping spider monkeys, a mandrill who put his bum up against the viewing glass right in the oldest country kid’s BF’s face, and getting to pet and feed a rhino!!! I think hubby was most geeked about the rhino because he didn’t get to do it last year with us. And then taking a cue from the spider monkeys, I might have grabbed a quick nap when we got home after we bottled syrup. I was cold out at the zoo and I felt like the guy in the middle.
Just working on another basket. Putting the rims on is my least favorite part of the process, but it’s got to be done. I love seeing each basket come to life and take shape!


Remember to take time out of your busy day to find your own things to make you smile!


4 thoughts on “Take A Peek At Our Week March 18-24

  1. That sounds like a wonderful week! My kids love to leave toys set up too and while I have pretty much given up on “put it away when you’re done” I do ask that they not set up or play in area walking zone/area. Your basket is lovely and I just adore that photo the snuggling monkeys.

    1. I actually sat there for some time watching the monkeys sleep, they were just so peaceful. Thanks for stopping in and scaring. I too am giving up on the “put it away” and hoping more for “move it over” LOL

  2. Sounds like you had a pretty eventful week! I love that little tomato seedling coming up! I just planted a bunch of flowering seeds and one is already sprouting! I usually shy away from starting with seeds, but want to experiment a bit this season. Thanks for sharing!

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