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Take A Peek At Our Week March 4 – 10

take a peek at our week

Enjoy this peek at our week!

This past week has been one that has stretched me to the end of my rope. With a sick kid (who has been sick for over a week), sugaring season in full swing, and trying to keep everything going…. it really left me running on empty. I’m not going to lie, there weren’t too many things to smile about. But, being the ever optimistic sucker I am, I dug deep for those moments! The highlight of the week was the chance for a rare dinner alone with the homesteadin hubby. It feel so good to relax for an hour and to laugh like we did in the beginning of our relationship some 14 years ago before he was my hubby.

So what made me smile this week?

Maple syrup
Homemade maple syrup. I’m pretty sure we have passed the two gallon mark and are inching closer to 3. That means we have collected almost 120 gallons of sap from our 7 taps. It’s a labor of love, full of smoky fires, that ends in pure bliss!


Indian food
Hubby and I actually got to go out to dinner, without the country kids!!! We get to do this about twice a year and it is so amazing to not have to hear “stop kicking me”, “mom, he’s on my side”, and the 10 million other things they bicker about. We also get to go places our children normally wouldn’t eat, like this Indian restaurant we went to. My foodie hubby was in 7th heaven! Me, the timid eater, I did okay. Not a fan of the appetizers, but the main dish hubby ordered for me was yummy. I have no clue what it was, but it was good.


Duck on nesting boxes
What is she doing up there!??!?! This is getting to be a daily occurrence! I still don’t know how she is getting up there. I haven’t found any eggs. Maybe she has taken to roosting with the chickens, I don’t know. I am clueless as to why my big butt duck is always up there in the morning…… I could really use one of those nanny cams cause this is driving me bonkers  


cinder the chicken
It was o’dark hundred but Cinder was up and at em, ready to face the day. Little did she know there was snow on the other side of that door, again….. And so dawned another day on the homestead.


fertile duck egg
Ya know what this is? Do ya? It’s trouble, that’s what it is! It means Mr Bill is the mac daddy and well the ladies like him. I found Baby Girl adding to a nest of eggs she hid under the rabbit pen. I removed all the eggs because it was 26 degrees, snowing, and it’s Michigan. These ducks have lost their minds if they think they are going to sneak a pre-spring nesting in under my nose! It’s bad enough I battle them all spring and summer but now Baby Girl wants to go getting all broody in March!?!?! Oh hecks no!!! Stupid fertile ducks and their urges to procreate at the wrong time of year. I so need some duck size chastity belts…..


Steppin out with the ladies….. I gotta admit, Mr Bill is one handsome guy. His head is getting greener and if his drake curl goes any tighter he will have a perfect O on his bum! So who wants some ducklings later this spring?!?! Oh we know it’s going to happen, so ya’ll better be ready to take a few off my hands!


Remember to take time out of your busy day to find your own things to make you smile!



10 thoughts on “Take A Peek At Our Week March 4 – 10

  1. I so enjoy hearing about bunch at your house, seeing photos of whomever you click on. If we had somewhere to put ducks just might take some, but all the way to CO is too far I think from Michigan.
    One of our chickens takes it in her head in Summer to lay eggs in yard, never know where she’ll decide to lay, little devil. They are free range chickens, can cruise all over our back yard.
    One of their favorite places to stay during day in summer is under our old Suburban, having their dust baths and whatever else they do. Sometimes they like to play on pallet piles like kids. They do get into mischief like kids. Love their personalities. Love watching them when they run, cracks me up.
    Hope you got your basement all dried out from the flood you had.
    Happy Spring and Easter

  2. I was so interested to see the egg photo – I’ve seen eggs like that and not realised exactly what the dot was! I’m sorry it’s been a challenging week for you, Mindy, but so pleased you got to have a dinner for two. Your Maple Syrup looks amazing. Thank you so much for being a part of the Hearth and Soul Link Party. Happy St Patrick’s Day!

    1. April, I always look forward to you visiting. Thank you for always taking the time to pop by and be a part of our week.

  3. I’ve said this many times, but I’ll say it again, I love reading about your adventures! The ducks are cute as can be and I’m so glad you got to go out with your hubby on a date. Thank you for sharing on Party in Your PJ’s! Pinned.

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