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Take A Peek At Our Week March 25 – 31

Enjoy this peek at our week!

Sugaring season has come to an end this week. The weather was still cooperating, but we are just worn out! Best season we have ever had here on the homestead. We even made enough to sell a little syrup and hard candy we made. Now the homestead hubby is dreaming of buying equipment and starting a real operation in a friend’s wood next year. *smacks forehead* I am just happy to have covered costs and have an ample supply of syrup for our family.

Speaking of family, it has been a rough week around here for the oldest country kid. Puberty and his Asperger’s are not getting along and he is getting into trouble at school due to his behavior. I am sad to say he received a suspension. My heart hurts for him, but I am so flustered on how to parent him anymore. He was supposed to go to my parents over spring break and ended up there a week early because I just needed a break. I am hoping he will return with a more positive attitude towards me, school, and life.

With brother gone, the littlest country kid finally got to be the center of attention in our lives. We took him to a movie, hit some Easter egg hunts, and just enjoyed cuddling and reading books. He is such a joy with his willingness to help around the house. Not to mention he always thinks of others. Heck, he offered to share some of his Easter candy with hubby and I!!!

So what made me smile this week?

The duck patrol heading out for their daily duties of yard sitting. Ever see three ducks try to fit through the same pop door at the same time? Yeah, it don’t work. Betty, being the wisest of them simply stepped back and let Mr. Bill and Baby Girl fight it out. She is too “mature” for wing flapping and butt smooshing.


See the bubbles?!?!? See em? Those beautiful bubbles of CO2 means this fermentation is going good.


I know you all think I have my crap together, but honestly, I don’t. I live in a constant state of waiting for the other shoe to drop. Why? Because I am a mother of a special needs child. And before anyone say “I don’t know how you do it”, I don’t do it, half the time I am winging it. And before you say “your so strong,” trust me, I don’t feel like I am. And before the words “your doing an amazing job” slips from your lips, know I feel like I am failing on a daily bases.

That being said, after dealing with CRAP of epic proportion with the oldest country kid (not all of it was his fault by any means) I decided I needed a break from him. It is sometimes overwhelming emotionally and mentally living with a special needs child. And since he was already suspended from school yesterday, and spring break starts Friday, I packed him up and drove him to my parents who live 2 hours from us.

So there I am feeling like an epic failure as a mother because I can’t help him, I had just “dumped” him on my parents, and I am driving along feeling ashamed of the calm and peace I was feeling as I drove away…. Totally beating myself up.

So I called my hubby who is a truck driver. He drives all over the state of Michigan. So I said, where ya at, because I didn’t know where he was running today, and he tells me he is on 94. Wait, I’m on 94!!! I told him I was at mile marker 66 and he tells me he is at mile marker 72. WHAT!?!?! I grabbed my phone flipped on the camera and just started taking shots (not looking where the camera was aimed, cause I was driving) and I got a photo of my Hubby!!!!!! Just seeing him across the median in that moment brought me such joy!

Sometimes as a parent of a special needs kid, joy seems like something you have to fight for sometimes, but in that moment of us waving like idiots across the median, I got a happy moment. I know it seems silly and small…. but silly and small sometimes is all you have to hold onto in order to keep pushing forward. So the moral of this long winded rant? My hubby and I are dorks and that made me smile. Smiles are so super important 😁



The shipping manager wanted me to inform folks that if you ordered our homemade maple syrup and/or maple candy, all paid orders thus far are packed up and heading to the post office after he is dropped off at kindergarten in the morning. We did our best to find boxes that we could reuse to ship in, thus eliminating cardboard from the landfill. Just our way of being green. 😁 Thanks to the ladies at our local Dollar General (where we got all our boxes), a few of you are getting transparent tape boxes and one lucky person is getting a purple box! 🤣 Remember, real maple syrup is the bomb diggity and reduce, reuse, and recycle whenever you can!


She gets me. When we first rescued her, she and I did not see eye to eye. But we worked together to build a bond. She stopped eating every book she could get her lips on and somehow we developed an understanding. Who knew she would become my BFF, my shadow, the only dog I would defend against a cat. She’s big, but she is a scaredy pup even at 100 lbs, and that’s okay! I love that I can tell her things and she never gossips or hold it against me.


We hunt eggs in our yard every Easter, but the littlest country had never been to a public egg hunt before. He was a little shy around the bunny and his hunting skills need some work, but he had a great time hanging out with his school friends and running around like a crazy man. He is still looking forward to our yard hunt the most because “you put coins in the eggs, mom!” What till he sees the knock off lego figures I found at the dollar store. Lego figures and quarters, do I know how to throw a backyard hunt or what!?!?


At the beginning of the school year I signed up to be a “party helper” aka bring in items the teacher needed. The list is usually items like a bunch of bananas, a can of whip cream, and a box of this or that. Of course there is always one item that must be made from multiple ingredients and I always get assigned. I’ve made lemon crinkle cookies, I have figured out how to make 24 servings of scrambled eggs and get them to the school warm, and so on. Well this time, I got the cupcakes. Sure I could have bought them and been done, but we don’t have that kind of money, so into the kitchen I went. His teacher is gonna hate me (sorry, but it is payback time for those eggs!) I present cupcakes with a mound of cream cheese frosting topped with colored sugar and malted chocolate eggs. Can we say she is going to have an afternoon of hyper kids?!?!? Hey it is the last class party, I had to! 24 servings of scrambled eggs….. it’s payback time!


Our (or should I say hubby’s) Silkie chicks are growing fast. He gets them out every day to spend quality time with them. I think this bonding thing has gone to far however.  They are seriously walking all over this man!


The eggs are colored, the baskets stuff, carrot cake cooking…. We are doing turkey for Easter dinner per the request of the littlest country kid. I was looking forward to ham, but our guest isn’t much of a ham eater either. I miss the oldest country kid not being with us, but our friends daughter who is going to college near by will just have to sub as my second child this weekend.


Remember to take time out of your busy day to find your own things to make you smile!




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