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Take A Peek At Our Week April 29 – May 5


Enjoy this peek at our week!

This week has been a busy one as we started our outdoor to do list, dealt with the oldest country kid’s increasingly bad behavior (he is on the spectrum), and hosted house guest from out of state. But since spring is here and everything is starting to turn green, all is right in the world!

We were sad to say goodbye to our “adopted” college daughter this week as well. I know she will be back in a couple month, but she is my good kid! LOL I will miss her and look forward to more holidays spent together.

The country kids are in the final stretch of this year’s school calendar and I am hoping the oldest makes it to the end. His grades are struggling because of his lack of commitment and his behavior is suffering due to poor decisions. I swear, this kid is going to be the death of me, mark my words!

So what made me smile this week?

Spring has finally sprung! My day lilies are pushing through. I can’t wait for other things to green up and for the flowers to start blooming.
The country kids found a box of jellybeans and half have awful flavors (it’s a game.) I did buy a box and of course I had to film them playing! The oldest country kid has really bad luck. Watch below!

Darwin Awards, ever heard of em? The littlest country kid, despite being taught better, tried to earn himself one. No honey, keys do NOT go in electrical outlets. **face palm** If this one makes it to 18, it will be only by the grace of god 😂 Seriously, I taught him better, I swear…… on a positive note, the oldest country kid informed me of the situation instead of attempting to remove said key himself. He might just make it to 18!
This total cuteness is killing me. She looked so comfy using the pillows, I just didn’t have the heart to make her get down. I’m pretty sure she sees “sucker” written on my forehead. Well played, Heidi the homestead hound, well played…..
It was a super BIG day on the homestead as hubby’s little silkies joined the flock. Of course everyone was interested in the new members! Our girls are getting mellow in their old age because normally everyone has to get a peck or two in, but only grandma Ester gave a few pecks to let them know who was in charge. They can’t get up on the big girl roost (and I wonder if they ever will be able too ) so they have a nice carrier filled with straw in the coop to cuddle down in. Our babies grow so darn fast *sniff*
This happened! Two solid hours of sanding and another 6+ hours of painting over two days. Now I know “battleship grey” isn’t that exciting, but it is to me! I think it looks amazing. I just wish I hadn’t done it on the two hottest days we have had this year! It was 80+ and well us Northerners….. you gotta ease us into that kind of heat, dang. My last act of heroics was to heave the air conditioner into our bedroom window before collapsing. Hubby was very grateful to come home to a nice cool room after working 14+ hours.
I can officially scream, it’s gardening season in Michigan!!!!! My strawberries are emerging!!! The chives have also popped up with a vengeance. I know a bunch of tomato seedling that are itching to get their little piggy toes in the dirt.
When your leopard gecko didn’t shed properly after coming out of hibernation, you let her soak in your roast pan, right? This is totally normal I’m sure…. the roasting pan I mean. Who wouldn’t use a roast pan as a soaking tub for a lizard?!?! Wonder if she would like to use my dish scrubby too for those hard to reach patches?
I finally perfected my homemade chocolate pudding recipe! This stuff is a chocolate lovers dream and oh so smooth!
Now that is a fluffy butt ya got there Ms Fifi!!!
Just so you know, Mr Bill is ALWAYS watching….. always. And he wants you to know this photo was taken under duress. He wanted it stated he does NOT like cuddles. He is a man. A manly man. Any rumors you may have heard about how mama picks him up and cuddles him like a baby are blatant lies. Because Mr Bill is a man. Scratch that, Mr Bill is THE MAN.
It might be tiny, but it counts!!! Morel season is here!!!


Remember to take time out of your busy day to find your own things to make you smile!



7 thoughts on “Take A Peek At Our Week April 29 – May 5

  1. If it helps at all my mother had 4 extremely “active” boys and is now in her 80’s. The incident you describe of the key in the socket is only one of thousands of stories my mother still tells and that’s after years she’s had to forget. It is possible to come out on the other side. Have hope.

  2. The pudding looks delicious. I couldn’t get the link to work. Can you fix it? I usually use the box mix since I had my teeth pulled, but I want to try yours.

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