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Homestead Happenings December 2 – 8


December is here and it feels like Christmas is starting early this year. The snow is falling, the country kids have seasonal activities, like having breakfast with Santa and working the holiday lights display at the fair grounds. Hubby and I have been out searching for those asked for gifts. I swear I need a day to just plop on the couch and be a lump!

It’s never fun to have a sick critter, but luckily we found a great avian vet to help us out with the oldest country kids parakeet. It hasn’t been fun medicating a tiny bird (I’ll take a chicken beak any day!) but the little guy seems to be responding nicely.

So what made me smile this week?

Ever wonder what a platypus skeleton looks like? Here ya go 😂 You’re welcome…… The oldest country kids FALCONERS autism group visited the museum at MSU.
“Where’d all the white stuff go, Mom?” Well Cinder, with all the rain and temperatures in the high 30’s….. it melted! She didn’t know what to think of seeing grass again!
Ever try giving oral medication to a parakeet? A week ago the oldest country kid’s male parakeet had a twist in his neck and was walking in circles. I had no clue what was going on, so off to the vet he went. Turns out he had a sinus infection. Yup, I never hear of such weirdness before either. Glad people don’t do that when they get a sinus infection! 😂 So the vet gives us a big ol bottle of oral antibiotics he has to take with a syringe. Now the first couple times it was pretty easy cause that bird wasn’t feeling well. He responded fast and by day three, instead of going in circles, he was bobbing like Stevie Wonder. The next day he was right as rain. But as he got better, he began fighting back and biting. Guess the meds don’t taste too good. So I have this bottle of meds, we have been given twice a day for a week, getting bit multiple times every time. I’m seriously over it. So I call the vet to see how long we have to give this evil bird meds. The response was “till the bottle is empty.” 😲 Really?!?! Seriously?!?! Ugh! So much left, so little of my hands that haven’t been bit. It’s going to take a month or more at this rate *sigh* Excuse me will I go get gnawed on, again……


I’m stuck in a snow globe 😂 Here we go again…… I’ll admit it was rather pretty to watch.


For some unknown reason my kids love store bought Mac & cheese. So being the wonderful mom I am I picked up a box the other day as a surprise. Well, surprise! The oldest country kid found it last night and ate the whole box. When I asked this morning if he enjoyed it he looked at me like I was a witch or something. “How did you know I ate it?!?!” Ummm because the box was on top of the trash 😂 It wasn’t rocket science figuring that one out! And while I’m mad he was up in the middle of the night and ate the whole box, at least he can cook and he did wash the pot! Small victories, people. 😂
Why does my kid have a shit eating grin on his face? Because you are looking at the newly elected VP of our county 4H youth council. There will be no living with him now that he is both vp of our club and the youth council.
I asked her very nicely to get off the couch…. she avoided eye contact…. guess who is still on the couch 😂 Well played, Heidi the homestead hound. Well played. She just looked so comfy I didn’t have the heart to make her get down. I must have sucker written on my forehead!
The littlest country kid and I had breakfast with Santa! What did the littlest country kid ask for for Christmas? $5. Why? So he can open a bank account. Awww! I think that can be arranged!
When you’re a boy mom at Christmas 😂 If you don’t know, this is Mr Hanky the Christmas poo…. he loves me, I love you. So vicariously he loves you too, he’s Mr Hanky the Christmas poo!
Hung out with these awesome 4H youth council members at Merry Mile in Marshall, MI tonight selling hot coco and snacks. Anyone spot the oldest country kid in this dark and blurry photo? So proud of this punk!



Remember to take time out of your busy day to find your own things to make you smile!





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