Frozen Yogurt Bites

The littlest country kid LOVES yogurt. I mean like a junkie looking for his next fix, he will stand in front of the refrigerator yelling “yogurt!!!” I am please he like his dairy products, but having just turned two, his spoon skills are lacking. Feeding himself yogurt is just a mess I like to avoid. And frankly I don’t want to sit down and spoon feed it to him, so what is a mama to do!?!?

Frozen yogurt! I can make these up ahead of time so when he starts Jones for some yogurt, I pour a few in a bowl, and send him on his merry way without having to worry about the yogurt on my carpet, rubbed into the furniture, on the dog’s head….. like I said, his spoon skills stink. So how do you make frozen yogurt bites?

I simply line a cookie sheet with wax paper, spoon some yogurt into a sandwich baggy and cut a small piece of corner off. I make little piles of yogurt on the wax paper. The yogurt comes out fast at first, so be prepared. Once you have all your yogurt bites formed, simply pop the cookie sheet into your freezer for about 30 minutes. Once the yogurt bites are frozen, remove them from the wax paper and put them back in the freezer in a storage container for later use. That is IF you can get them in a container! The littlest country kid can steal them super fast off the tray!

The littlest country kid beams with pure joy every time he gets his grubby little hands on some. They areΒ  a hit with the older country kid as well. Oh and I like em too! Shhh, don’t tell them I eat their yogurt bites! *wink*

41 thoughts on “Frozen Yogurt Bites

    1. I am half tempted to strip mine down to his diaper, throw a dollar store shower curtain on the floor and give him the sloppiest things with a spoon for one day, thus forcing him to master the skill or starve! LOL Oh who am I kidding, I would never…. I can't stand to see my baby be hunger πŸ™‚

  1. I love making these! It takes almost no effort at all and they're perfect for snacking. I like to take a bag full with me to work, yum! I'm stopping by from the blog hop. I hope you have a great Tuesday!

  2. Fun and easy idea in time for summer. Frozen treats are great to cool down. Thanks for sharing at Mom's Library last week. I have featured you this week at Pounds4Pennies. I can't wait to see what you will make this week!

    1. I'm glad you like the idea. As for my grammar, I am not a college English professor, and "inasmuch" as this is a blog…. it is a blog…. just a blog. I am not writing for a national publication. My writing style may not be up to your standards but my many followers like that I come across a human and not a technical how to manual. I am sorry your experience in my little corner of the world was not up to your standards. I am who I am, take it or leave it, just saying……

    2. Dear Anonymous,
      Please check your own grammar before pointing out the faults of others. Remember when you point you have three fingers pointing back at yourself. I hope you have a lovely day being rude to other human beings behind the safety of your computer screen. I am sure that is the only way you can feel fulfilled….just saying.

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