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Take A Peek At Our Week April 22 – 28

Enjoy this peek at our week!

Spring is here, spring is here. Everyone do the happy dance!!! Okay it is still dipping into the 30’s and 40’s at night, but day time temps are getting really nice. Maybe 60’s don’t sound very nice to you, but in our neck of the woods, it is time to shave our legs and throw on shorts!

I really have the itch to get planting, but I know better. It hurts to have to wait another week or two, but it is always best to head your local frost dates. But a girl can dream! I have lots of planting projects sketched out on paper.

So what made me smile this week?

Well someone was a liar, liar, fur on fire. The 28-32 day gestation period has come and gone with Ms. Lily and even though she pulled fur and made a nest, sadly we have no bunnies. She may have had a false pregnancy or she may have consumed the kits. Yes, fluffy bunnies can be cruel, don’t let the cuteness fool ya! The oldest country kid was disappointed because he want to eat the babies (when they grew up) and the littlest was disappointed because, well, he just likes cute fluffy things. 😊 So now it is back to focusing on trying to stop the ducks from hiding their spring nest and we all know how that turns out ever year. 😂 I told Lily she needed to publicly apologize for making everyone excited about cute babies. This is her “sorry” face.
“Well good morning, I’d like to talk to you about our current menu selection”…… Not the kind of conversation you are looking to have at 6:30 am, but when the Union of Local Mousers 210 want to talk, they find ways of getting your undivided attention….. even if it is in the bathroom. 🙄 It would appear that while they like dry food, they just don’t like it every day. Well excuses my pocketbook!
Gonna take a walk outside today….. Gonna see what we can find today….. When I spotted these two my first thought was “cool!” and my second thought was “yum!!!” Too bad I don’t hunt….. might have to take it up. My daddy did teach me how to shoot when I was growing up!
Getting my groove on in the kitchen! I have a new recipe coming up for you all on out site next week and it is mmmm mmmmm good! Any guesses?!? Hint: kids love it. Bill Cosby liked it in it’s frozen form. Best of all, this version is made from scratch! And yes, it is pudding LOL
The folks over at Brookside Greenhouses of Urbandale were busy repotting strawberries when I popped in for a visit. Yes, I got to get my hands dirty helping! If you are anywhere nearby, you HAVE to pop in a see them. Their selection is awesome and their greenhouses are bursting with little plant babies! Mother’s Day weekend would be the perfect time to go adopt some new plants looking for forever homes!
Might have made an unscheduled stop on the way home from the DMV…. Now to bust out the sander and get to work on the first (of many) spring projects on my list! The back porch is gonna look so pretty.
Hubby texted me a picture of a cake. I got all excited. So I asked him where it was and he said what? I was all like, you know, the cake you made. At which point he started laughing because there was no cake, it was a meme he forwarded to me. I was upset there is no cake, but then he made me one. I love this guy.



Remember to take time out of your busy day to find your own things to make you smile!



2 thoughts on “Take A Peek At Our Week April 22 – 28

  1. We had our first 90 degree day (up from 60’s yesterday) and while it was a nice day to hit the beach I really hope we don’t just skip spring altogether. It has been quite nice with warmer temps. That pudding looks amazing!

    1. Mother Nature took long enough sending us spring (for 2 days LOL) I really hope she doesn’t rush it to summer either.

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