Here at the (mis)Adventures we love to play in the kitchen, trying new recipes and creating our own. Whether you are looking for a healthy breakfast idea or just need something new in your dinner rotation, we have got you covered! We also enjoy fermenting foods, preserving meats, and making cheese. You never know what you will find going on in our kitchen!

We hope these recipes and ideas inspire you to do more home cooking and to try new things….. maybe from your garden! Growing your own food can be very rewarding. Don’t have the space for a garden? You can pick up items in bulk at your local farmers market! Even without a garden you can learn to make jam or can up some green beans. Poke around our pantry of ideas and enjoy the tasty results.

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Other Great Food Recipes, Tips, and Tricks

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Don’t let food or your kitchen intimidate you! You can do this. Even I can’t mess up these recipes! Learn to bake bread, serve mouth watering diners, and keep your family happy with these delicious treats. Take charge of your food! Eliminate some of the pre-packaged, store bought items in your pantry with fresher ingredients and less preservatives.

Don’t get me wrong, we still eat pizza, fast food once in a blue moon, and pre-packaged snacks on road trips, but it’s nice to be able to serve the majority of our meals from scratch and at home!