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Meal Worm Farming

Meal worms might give some the creeps…. but not me! My micro-livestock are a delight. Not only do we feed the worms to our chickens and ducks to provide protein, but raising them is a fun science project for the country kids to enjoy.
And much to my hubby’s horror, the kids love playing with the beetles. So poke around and enjoy our adventures with raising micro-livestock! Who knows, you might even decide to raise your own!

15 thoughts on “Meal Worm Farming

  1. please can you advise of the 3 stages that you have in your 3 drawer system?
    what stage is in the top draw (looks like adult beetles only)
    what stage is in the 2nd draw and what stage is in the 3rd draw
    and when you say separate the adult beetles, do you mean , separate them as soon as the larvae hatch into the worms???
    thanks Jan (

  2. Top drawer is adults, middle is worms, bottom is "egg dust" mix. If the worms pupate and turn to beetles they move to the adult drawer.

  3. thankyou for the prompt response, so just to get this straight in my head, when the beetles lay eggs, do you then remove the eggs to the bottom drawer and then as they become worms, they then are moved to the 2nd drawer and then once they become adult beetles, they get moved up to the top drawer ????
    cheers Jan

    1. I take the beetles out of the drawer they were in and put them in a new fresh drawer to start laying again. I then take the drawer they were in and move it to the bottom. The new beetle drawer goes in the top again. I feed my chickens from the middle drawer of hatched and crowing worms. After a few weeks I dump the contents of the bottom drawer into the middle drawer, I fill that drawer with fresh oats, put the beetles in a new clean drawer and back up they go to the top spot. The drawer they just left (now ful of eggs) goes to the bottom spot.

  4. Do the beetles or mealworms not climb out of the drawer? How do these relate to the dried mealworms that I buy for my hens? My girls LOVE them!! Thinking about trying this!! Thanks for the info!

  5. This is perfect! My son has a bearded dragon that eats meal worms by the dozens. We had been thinking that we could try raising some ourselves and cut down on the worm bill. Thanks for the info!

    1. It is super easy. I have neglected ours for months. When I dug it out to get it going again, I expected to just have top dump the drawers, put in new oats and worms and start over. Surprise, surprise, surprise, I still had worms alive in there! LOL

    2. I would like to know about what keep all meal worm.i live in south miss. thank you pcrosetta@yahoo

  6. Mindie, I must thank you! Reading your blog has helped me greatly in knowing what to expect when my little starter worms arrive and how to proceed. Fingers crossed!
    Michelle in VA

  7. Finally, I read through ALL your comments from the various meal worm posts–found the answer!
    A lot of information — have you considered putting this into e book form?

    1. Never thought about writing an ebook. Not sure how one does such a thing LOL Glad you found the answers you were looking for. Happy microliverstock farming!

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