Best gifts ever… lessons learned

A one of a kind bird house
for grandma

The best gifts I received this year were not wrapped in fancy paper with glittery bows. The gifts in fact, were not even under the tree. The best gifts I received this year were insight into my own child and a lesson learned.

This year the oldest country kid made gifts for people. I wanted to teach him that gifts made with love were better then anything you could buy in a store. You know what he taught me? That he is a creative and thoughtful little person. Not only did he consider what each person might like, he used his talents to make them! And his talents were many! What he didn’t already know how to do, he eagerly learned, like how to use a drill and sew. Every mother thinks they child is special and I am no different, but after seeing what he made, I was blown away.

And the lesson learned? Well that one was a lesson for both my son and I. He learned that love makes everything better. A bird house is nice but one you make will always hold love for the person who receives it. Every time they look at it, they will feel the love. In fact, he told me he knew what the first Christmas gift ever was… And the lesson I learned was, he does listen to what I tell him! LOL It might seem like a small thing to others but my son has Asperger’s and to know he hears me and “gets” what I told him…. Well it is priceless.

A stuffed sock monster
with yarn designs
A pencil holder made from
a branch section

6 thoughts on “Best gifts ever… lessons learned

  1. What a sweet story. I also have a son that has ADHD, and his specialty…is anything to do with sharks. From drawing them to knowing and telling everything he knows about them. He is a very eager learner. And I know exactly what you mean about "gets" what you told him…it IS priceless.

    1. It is always nice to hear from other moms who deal with ADHD. We are "new" to the whole situation. Changing drugs, finding what works, learning how to deal, diet. So when we have a break through moment it is awesome 🙂

  2. Responding to this nice story as a grandma…I love, love, love anything that my grandkiddos make, so I know for a fact that the grandma with the new birdhouse is going to cherish her gift! Looks like Baby likes his gift, too. 🙂

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