A quick Easter gift

So I saw this Easter idea on Pinterest and thought, that looks fun! But with anything you see, you always have to try it to make sure it works. So we did! Here is our version of the Purrr-fect (well at least the cat thought so!) little gift to give at Easter. In fact my son made one for the little girl across the street!!

These are very inexpensive to make. You just need a jar (big enough for the rabbit), a chocolate rabbit, some eggs and a bag of edible grass. One word of caution, the edible grass that was supposed to taste like green apple…. well… ick! It tasted like nothing and was like chewing paper. It does look cute though!

Simple break your edible grass to the desired length and put a bit in the jar. Next place your bunny. Next you put in some eggs. We used foil wrapped ones but I think jellybeans would be super cute too. Screw on your lid and you have a neat little gift for friends and neighbors. You could even
                                            add a nice bow to really set it off.

2 thoughts on “A quick Easter gift

  1. How Cute! You could leave these as surprise gifts on someones doorstep, free of invading bugs since they are in the glass jar.

    However take note of what happened to us this year. I didn't make Easter baskets for the grandkids this year because my daughter had already filled hers with so much sweet stuff that I thought I should not add to that. I picked the grands up for the weekend and made the 3 hour drive to our house. It was finally a nice warm day so we used the A/C in the van. However the Easter baskets were in the back cargo area of the van. When we unloaded last night the kids discovered that their chocolate bunnies had become chocolate blobs! Ha ha! So only leave them in a cool shady place 🙂

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