NASCAR (mis)Adventure

Recently one of my wonderful neighbors hooked me up with FREE tickets (with pit passes) to the Father’s Day NASCAR race at the Michigan International Speedway. (Thank you Diane!!! I love you!!) I was so excited to give my hubby a great Father’s Day. I had never been to a NASCAR race before and didn’t follow the sport, but since it would be exciting for my hubby I was ready to “Boogity, boogity, boogity.” I was so not ready for what we were going to experience…..
We woke very early to get on the road…. we didn’t want to have to sit in traffic for a few hours… just for a couple hours. Surprisingly there was no traffic… none at all…. so we arrived way to early. If a NASCAR track could be a ghost town, this one almost was! We took the tram to the track and started our adventure. We visited the “fan zone’ where all the sponsors had set up. We did get some free “swag” but for the most part, they wanted you to fill out all your info before they would give you stuff. The oldest country kid was bugging us to go to the pits…. so despite wanting to go to the 3M booth and get free tape LOL we left the fan zone.

Now one thing I kind of knew, is that we would be doing a lot of walking, I just didn’t realize how MUCH. My hubby had the youngest country kid in a pack on his back and  was carrying a backpack filled with needed supplies (diapers, water, blah, blah, blah.) Our backs were starting to hurt! Once we cleared the tunnel under the track we were in the pits!! Hubby walked slowly, taking photos of all the different pit areas. The oldest country kid just kept saying “I wanna see the Lowe’s car” over and over. The guys all got to stand on the track and the oldest country kid got to sign the wall in pit row and talked up one of the Lowe’s pit crew. All and all we were having a great time.

After another death march back through the tunnel to our seat, we grabbed a bite to eat. Thank goodness we had food vouchers too!!! Who pays $26 for two nasty burgers and some chicken strips is beyond me. At this point hubby realized he forgot HIS ear plugs so he headed back to our car to get them, leaving me with two kids and more stuff then I could carry. Luck for me another neighbor was also at the race (sitting next to us) and I didn’t feel too terrible alone. About this time the crowds started to show up too. Mobs of people, some too loud, some already drunk. Time to head to our seats…..

My hubby had still not returned so with a over weighted backpack on my back and my youngest in my arms I climbed what felt like Mt Everest. The sun beating down like fire…. Finally I made it to our seats… I put sun screen on the boys and got everyone settled. Still my hubby had not returned. The noise from the track was increasing and the sun was blazing. I looked out across the track and was in awe… this was very cool. Then I looked down at my youngest who was turning red despite the sun block, who had been up way to long with no nap, and I realized, for me and him, this day was over. Yet my hubby still wasn’t back… what was I to do? Thankfully our neighbors agreed to keep the oldest country kid and to give him and my hubby a ride home.
I went into survival mood, grabbing only my keys, phone and wallet and I began to walk again. But by now it was an hour till race and the throngs of people were like nothing I had seen. I walked carrying my exhausted child and people were oblivious… they would not move out of my way, not even with a polite excuse me. When I finally made it to a gate, the staff their got me on the wrong tram… when I got off at the next stop and realized I was further away from my car then before I burst into tears. I HAD TO GET MY SON TO THE AIR CONDITIONED CAR!!!!
It took me an hour from the time I left my seat till I finally placed my little one in the air conditioned car. It would have been longer had someone at the the “wrong” hub not seen I was in need and found a golf cart and drove us to our car. In the end my son was fine…. The phone rang as I started the engine to head for home… it was my hubby asking if I was leaving… YES. I apologized for ruining the family outing but I had to put the littlest ones needs first. He apologized for taking so long to get back (it seems no one who worked there really knew how the darn tram system worked) and told me of course, head for home.
I was so relieved to pull in my driveway, to be in my home, laying my son in his crib. I felt calm as I heard the ducks and chickens through the open window instead of the loud overwhelming noise of the track. And as much as I wish I could have seen that race start, I knew in my heart, I made the right choice for my little one. I have also learned a few valuable lessons…. never take someone who can’t walk and still takes naps to a NASCAR race! Always trust your gut, that when it is time to “move” (aka leave) never doubt your decision, your gut is telling you to go for a reason. And lastly, I really am a country girl who prefers her quiet homestead life over big time events. I am just glad my hubby and son got to stay and enjoy an amazing experience!


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    1. We can't afford to buy tickets, that is why I felt so bad, blowing our one chance! Maybe someday when the kids are grown, we can save up and try it again.

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