Ghost Poop (Meringue) Cookies

If you have been following me long, you know I am not normal! So why should I make meringue cookies like everyone else? All pretty and dainty…. no way! So here is my twist on the meringue cookie, which for the Halloween season we are calling Ghost Poop Cookies.

4 egg whites (I used a combination of chicken and duck eggs)
1 cup of powdered sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 teaspoon of vinegar

I know, you just read that and went, vinegar!?!?! Yes, yes I did. Why? Because it helps the egg whites get stiff and hold their peaks. Trust me on this one. I had the littlest country kid chasing me for all he was worth trying to get the spatula that had the meringue stuck on it like glue. I could tease him and be assured none was going to come off!

Start by separating your eggs. I just crack mine and put them in my hand so the white ran through my fingers but if you have one of those fancy separating devises, go for it. Put your four eggs whites and the 1/2 teaspoon a vinegar in your mixer and turn it on low. Add in HALF of the powder sugar and let it run for a bit. After a few minutes add in the teaspoon of vanilla and the remainder of the powdered sugar and kick the power up to high. I let my stand mixer just run while I do other things, checking on it from time to time to see how the peaks are forming.

How long it takes for the meringue to set will depend on your mixer…. mine is old and weak, so it takes a while. Once it have nice stiff whites, I scoop the mix into a zip lock bag and cut the tip off to make a pipping bag. Again, I don’t have all that fancy kitchen equipment and for this I don’t need too! Put a layer of parchment paper on your cookie sheet. This is so the cookies come off easier. Just like smoking meat, meringues like it slow and low…. Bake at 285 for around 60 minutes. I say around because everyone’s oven cooks just a little different. The cookies will brown up a as they bake. Now you have the perfect Ghost Poop Cookies to serve at your next Halloween gathering! Enjoy!!

42 thoughts on “Ghost Poop (Meringue) Cookies

  1. I love meringues… we usually make them at Christmas and put chocolate mint chips in them. I bet these would be good with regular chocolate chips inside and they'd still stay pretty white like ghost poop!

  2. Brilliant! We usually do mouldy cakes (green food colouring) Boo-meringues (ghost shaped) Blood & slime to drink (cherryade and limeade)
    This is much better!

  3. I'm a huge fan of ghosts and food, so it makes perfect sense that I would just adore your Ghost Poop Cookies!! I found your post over at the Lovely Ladies Linky No. 5 party. Thanks for sharing!!

    Debi @ That Crafty Lunch Lady

  4. These are so gross but too funny!! I love meringues, I actually gave out peach and raspberry ones as favors at my wedding. Thanks for sharing your spooky treat!


  5. They are in equal measure amazing and revolting! I want to say I love them (and I know the boys would) but…. wow, shaking my head a little speechless, just wow!

  6. Cute…kinda gross…but cute 🙂

    Thanks so much for linking up to Teach Me Tuesday last week. We hope to see you again there this week. Our party would not be such a growing success without you 🙂

    Have a great week!

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