Spring = Lambs

Just up the road from us a piece is a farm that raises a lot
of sheep. One of the really neat things they do is make cheese from the sheep
milk. Every once in a while, they throw open their barn doors and invite the
neighbors to stop by. Well of course with it being spring, the country kids and
I had to go see all their baby lambs!

The oldest country kid had been there before, but this was
the littlest country kid’s first chance to get up close and personal with
sheep. And when I mean up close and personal, I’m talking about a sheep maturity ward
in all its glory! Sound, sights and smells.

For instance, the little guy in the
photo to the right, was born just a couple hours before we arrived. Yes, he was
still a little “gooped” from his entrance into this world, but you
couldn’t ask for anything cuter!

Upon arrival we walked passed some very pregnant mamas. If
you don’t live in a farming community the term “look at those bags”
just doesn’t mean a thing! LOL So I will explain…… we are talking about the
very full mammary glands on the female sheep, signaling it is getting close to
time to birth. As you can see, there were a lot of mamas getting close.

Once inside the barn, the littlest country kid stood in awe (and slight bewilderment) of the mamas and their lambs.

Of course, the sheep were just as interested (and leery) of the visitors. More than once an ewe stomped her hove to let us know she was not comfortable with us being so close.

Out in the pen, some of the older lambs were busy getting their next meal from their mom.

But back in the barn, there were a few bottle babies that needed a meal. The littlest country kid tried his hand at feeding a VERY hungry little lamb.

Since this was all old hat to the oldest country kid, he spent his time making friends with one of the resident barn cat.

We had a nice time visiting with the sheep and lambs. It’s a good thing I am not zoned for sheep or I could have taken a car load of lambs home with me, they are too dang cute. Of course the mamas always had their eye one me. I think they knew how much I longed for a lamb of my own! 
Maybe someday…….

14 thoughts on “Spring = Lambs

  1. So cute! I would love to pet a lamb! There is a park district farm near where I used to live, and I'd always go there and pet the sheep and goats, and sometimes there would be babies. So sweet, and they seem to like being petted, too!

    1. There was one there that wanted nothing better then to be held. He just snuggled in and was so happy.

  2. They are very cute! Such a neat time to visit and great memories for your children. Best wishes!

  3. Aw, so cute! I couldn't be a vegetarian, but I try not to look my meal in the eye, LOL. Thanks for sharing at Thursday Favorite Things, hope to see you next week again! Blessings

  4. What a wonderful life your children have being bought up on the land. Your ewes looks great and those cute little lambs looks just the best! Thanks for sharing on #mumbomonday

    1. I WISH they were our lambs. They belong to a farmer up the road. Someday though…. someday!

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