A Week of Homestead Photos November 15th – 21st

What an incredible and diverse week we have had here at the homestead. You could feel and see fall slipping away quickly. The temperatures took a downward turn the wild birds began heading South in mass.

We always put Thanksgiving before Christmas, but my sewing might have had a more winter theme this week. And I may have broken down and already bought a Christmas gift or two.

Homeschooling and enjoying nature, even with the first snow fall yesterday, continue to be moments of growth and delight for the country kids. What a magical week we have had! So what made me smile this week? A LOT of things!! Here are just some of them….

She may be getting up there in years, and she may not lay any more,
but Grumpy Goldie will always have a very special place in my heart.

My little helper, always willing to lend a hand at chore time.

The Sandhill Cranes that migrate through our area. Always amazing to see.

Some Christmas pillows I made for the country kids.

Baby Girl is growing up to be a fine young lady.
So glad we kept one of the babies that hatched.

Homeschool art class outside, why not!

Fluffy butts, nuff said! 

A Christmas present for my donkey loving littlest country kid.
At least we don’t have to feed or clean up poo with this pet!

OMG!!!! I about died from excited joy at the price at the pump!!

Just hanging out on a Friday night watching migratory birds.
The way life should be for kids…. slow, simple, yet awe inspiring!
First snow of the year…. No time for a coat mom!!!! Well at least
he put shoes on before running out the door. *smacks forehead*
Childhood magic at it’s best!
Remember to take time out of your busy day to find your own things to make you smile!

8 thoughts on “A Week of Homestead Photos November 15th – 21st

  1. Love your blog, but I think the pics are always my favorite. I grew up on a ranch/farm. (sigh) Live in the big city now. Will never lose that country part of me, though! Thanks for sharing. Dona

    1. Awww I am glad I can help keep that part of you alive in your heart. Never lose your country *wink*

  2. Wonderful pictures! My husband and I want to start a homestead and these pictures are very inspirational. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Homesteading can be done any where! Just pick a project and get started. The first step is always the hardest but will set you on a path of so much joy.

  3. Wow! You have snow already? That's too cold for me. When we lived in KY for college, we were always devastated that nothing was shut down for snow. Roads, classes, jobs, everything just kept going. Lol. Thanks for sharing on the Homestead Blog Hop, and stay warm! PS One of your fluffy butts looks just like one of mine, at least from the back. 🙂

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