A Week of Homestead Photos November 22nd – 28th

I totally dropped the ball this week when it came to taking photos. I was too busy living life! And that is the way it should be, in my opinion. With fun times to be had in the snow, Thanksgiving to host, and the four day weekend our family had, I was too busy enjoying my memories instead of taking photos of them all. I did manage to find a few photos on my camera and phone that I wanted to share with you this week. While I may not have taken a bunch of photos this week, there were MANY things that made me smile! These are just a few….

Baby Girl experienced her first snowfall and promptly hid in the pool!
Bill and Betty did finally get her out and waddling around in the white stuff.
I finally convinced the littlest country kid to put on snow gear before going out.
He was excited to get to spend even more time eating snow.
Don’t worry, we did have the talk about what color snow to eat. *wink*
Such is life with critters and kids.
I got a new pair of boots for the first time in years. They are farm on the
bottom and fashion on the top.  And yes, I am out in the snow in shorts, but
I did put a jacket on! LOL I was just running to the shed to unfreeze the water
dishes really quick. Us Michigan girls are tough!
My folks couldn’t make it for Thanksgiving, so I made my mommy a pillow,
so she could still hold us close.
I got so excited that the snow was melting………..
till I remembered that meant the mud was coming.
Yes, this is a pair of the oldest country kid’s underwear. Why did it
make me smile? Because I keep finding them all over the house. At
first I kept getting ticked to find underwear in the living room and
other places, but then I realized he hates underwear as much as
I hate wearing a bra! Every time we come home,
 we both have to take them off! LOL
Hubby and I got a night out alone *Gasp* So I wanted to treat him
to a glass of aged Irish whiskey. He always talked about wanting
one… It is good to see my hard working man enjoy one of the finer
 things in life. He really deserves to be pampered now and again! 
Remember to take time out of your busy day to find your own things to make you smile!

4 thoughts on “A Week of Homestead Photos November 22nd – 28th

  1. What a treat this post was! Nice and lighthearted!

    So glad you were enjoying your memories to the fullest!

    How sweet of you to make that lovely pillow for your mom who couldn't be with you at Thanksgiving. I loved the pattern on it!

    Thanks for sharing a snippet into your life! Blessings to you!

    1. Karen, the pillow is actually made from a tapestry placemat I picked up for $2 after season last year!

  2. So much snow! I would have locked myself in my room, with a fire and some hot chocolate. LOL. My kids are already hoping we'll get some this winter, but it's only just now turning cold enough to wear jackets. I'm still wearing my flip flops though. It makes lovely pictures though! I hope you're staying warm, and thanks for sharing on the Homestead Blog Hop!

    1. LOL That is just a "dusting" of snow for us. It's not really snow till it reaches your knees!

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