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It has been a while since we have done a Critter Spotlight. I realized the other night, we have a few critters that never got their turn! Well we just can’t have that, now can we? Fair is fair, so in the coming weeks, I will make sure everybody gets their 15 seconds of fame.

This week’s spotlight falls on Wanda, our Silver Laced Wyandotte. You don’t often see her center stage over on our Facebook page because, well, she is just one of those “there” kind of critters. You know, not bossy, not at the bottom of the pecking order….. she is just always there, in the background.

We picked Wanda up last spring as a day old chick. Even back then, she just was. When other chicks ran from or to us, she just kinda hung out. I think she is one of those personalities that likes to fly under the radar. It has taken me some time to really get to know Wanda, and some days, I’m still not sure I do!

I can tell you this much……Wanda was the first of last spring’s littles to learn to take a dust bath. She LOVES to take dust baths and if there isn’t sand or dirt, she will give heck trying to do it on carpet or grass! She really is silly sometimes.

Wanda is all about the food (my kinda girl.) She will go to the ends of the earth, or hop up on a chair to eat off a table, in order to score yummy treats. I am thinking this summer, we could totally train her to do tricks, because she is so food motivated.

Wanda is also the loudest singer of the egg song I have ever heard! She sings so long and loud, I swear, she lets people five states away know that she just finished laying. When she first started laying it would scare me. I honestly though something was wrong, a predator, she had been injured, something, till I realized she is just one proud chicken.

Wanda is always accommodating to the other hens. She is never pushy and I think that attitude works well for her, as I never really she her being bullied by the higher ranking girls. She patently waits for her turn at the feeder and for a roost spot at bed time.

While she is not one for cuddling, she is not afraid to hang out with us either. Some hens can be flighty, but not Wanda! She is steady and calm in all situations, well except for when she lays an egg! Over all, I would have to say Wanda is a wonderful, dependable, important peace keeper, and who wouldn’t be happy with a hen like that?

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  1. Love that you know her personality so well! Personality in animals is fascinating to me, because they don't have a means (language) to express it as we do. It definitely comes out in other ways.

  2. I look forewards to the day I can have some chickens of my own. I used to have some years ago and just enjoyed them so much. I love the smell of chicken food it reminds me of days on the farm when I was young,and my uncle always had back yard chickens in England.
    Can't wait to get my own girls again

  3. She sounds like a lot of our chickens: They're just kind of…there. ha ha She is pretty! I hope our silver-laced actually makes it to adulthood this year. We got a golden-laced too and she's already looking very pretty. 🙂 Stopping by from the Homestead Blog Hop this week.

  4. Thanks for introducing Wanda. I am so glad you did! I usually choose a character from the book I'm reading to interview. The last one I couldn't choose one. No one jumped off the page! I should interview Wanda instead! She seems like a lovely lady!
    What a lovely post. I enjoyed this. It is perfect for Spring. I'd love for you to come over and
    link at the Fabulous Spring/East Party. This weeks linky is over here:
    Come over every week and join the party.
    Happy Spring

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