DIY Christmas Ornaments from canning lids

DIY Christmas Ornaments From Canning Lids and Rings

I believe Christmas trees should be decorated with family memories. What better way to do so, than to make your own beautiful ornaments! You don’t have to go to a ceramics shop or craft workshop to make ornaments that are beautiful. You can make ornaments out of just about anything you find around your own home, like canning lids and rings. And the ornaments you make at home will be filled with memories of your time spent together as a family making them! Trust me when I say, your children will not remember the money you spend on them, but the time you spend with them on activities just like this.

The country kids and I went through our craft supplies and with a little time and effort made some amazing ornaments for our tree and to give as gifts. Your imagination is the only thing that can hold you back when it comes to turning everyday items into ornaments. I hope our ornaments spark your imagination and that you too come up with some beautiful items to decorate your tree with!

To get started with you can buy new lids and rings, or in our case, we just raided our canning supplies. The lids and rings don’t have to be perfect, in fact used items can add a touch of “rustic” to the ornament, if you so desire!


I knew we wanted to paint some of our lids, so I took the lids and rings outside and hit them with a quick coat of white spray paint so that the acrylic paint would stick better when we started. Of course if it is snowing where you are when you make these, I would suggest spray painting them in a well ventilated area, like a garage.



Painted ornaments don’t have to be elaborate. Let’s face it, not many of use are trained artists. I got a little artistic on my winter tree scape, but for a simple snowman or a Santa tummy, even younger kids can do these. The littlest country kid was all about the wiggly eyes on our first snowman. Be creative and use what ever you have on hand! For Santa’s belt I simple cut a piece of glittery ribbon to look like a buckle.



For our second snowman, I used a lid and a ring together. He looks a lot more substantial, but was rather plain looking, till I grabbed more ribbon to make him a scarf! For projects using multimedia, I suggest using a glue gun. It is a quick and easy way to attach lids and rings, ribbons, and hangers!



Another great way to make ornaments is to use the rings like wreaths. You could use yarn, twine, fabric, or ribbon to cover the rings. Remember, use your imagination! I have a bunch of ribbon in my crafting stash so that’s what we used. We grabbed some Juniper from our property to give the wreaths a festive look. Hanging something inside the wreath is also another option. We used mini glass light bulb ornaments, but next year I am totally on the hunt for little farm critters to hang in them!



Another option is to make photo keepsake ornaments. By placing your photo in a word document, you can size it to the lids. Simply print off the photo on paper and you can Mod Podge it onto a lid. If you want to take your ornament to the next level, grab some Epson salt…..


Why Epson salt? Because if you put Mod Podge on the canning ring and then dip it into the Epson Salt, it looks like snow!! Your ornaments will sparkle beautifully on a lit tree!



I love putting special ornaments of the country kids on the tree each year. This year their ornaments are “snow globes” with photos of them on the first day of school this year. With just a little Mod Podge and Epson salt, I think they turned out great and will be cherished by this mama for years to come!



No matter which you use, lids, rings, or both, putting a hanger on your ornament is as simple as a glue gun and some ribbon or twine. I will caution you though, once you start making these, the ideas will flow, and the next thing you know, you are surrounded by ornaments!


Grab some canning lids and rings, go through your craft stash, and make some holiday memories and keepsakes! 


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