Eggs and oatmeal

If you have read my blog from the beginning, you are aware, I am a reluctant farm girl. I thought I had left that life behind, only to have it brought back to life by my child. I let my son have chicks and that was all it was supposed to be. Some fresh eggs, entertainment for the boy, nothing more. But as you have seen, I have become the crazy chicken lady. I play games with them. I spend more time with them then my son. But this morning, I hit a whole new level of crazy…… I made the chickens breakfast!

My oldest was off to school. The baby had eaten. Now it was my turn. But alas, I got side tracked when I saw the oatmeal. I had read (not sure where) that warm oatmeal on a chilly morning will help your hens get going. So I started making a bowl of oatmeal for Goldie and Ester. At the time it didn’t even phase me I was making breakfast for the girls, but looking back, yeah, I had taken my chicken obsession to a new level!

Goldie, our alpha, was first to arrive. As with anything new, see eyed it a bit first. But, after one peek, she was in love. Goldie loved it so much that she was flinging it on herself! See it on her wattle! Ester watched from afar and made little eager sounds. She did not want Goldie to peek her but she really want to try too. I had to eventually stop Goldie so that poor little Ester could give it a try. And Ester loved it too!

Now I am not saying I am now making breakfast for my 6 year old, a bottle for the baby and a bowl of oatmeal for the hens every morning…… But I might just have to whip them up a bowl every now and them on these chilly winter mornings. Am I crazy? Maybe! But remember, I got the idea from someone else, so I am not the only chicken crazy person out there! The girls do provide my breakfast with their fresh eggs, the lest I could do is whip them up a bowl of warm oatmeal now and then to say thank you.

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  1. For their future dining pleasure, a few raisins, some cornmeal, wheat germ, cranberries or frozen blueberries are always a big hit!

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