The Magic of Fall

Crisp air, the crunch of the frosted grass at dawn and the call from the Sandhill crane, the magic of fall has arrived. Every year that call sounds out. First just one or two at dawn, but then like the roar of an engine, the world is filled with the overpowering call of thousands of these beautiful birds as they migrate through my neck of the woods.

It is a special time of year. Yes it signals the end of summer and the coming of the cold. But it also signals the cycle of life marching on regardless of man and our busy schedules. I, like you, have a million things to do. But when the cranes return, those things can wait just a little longer. I mean how often does one get the chance to see such an amazing event like a migration.

I love to stand outside at dawn and dusk as they cranes go to and from the fields. I enjoy jumping in my truck and traveling the back roads checking the fields for our visiting friends. I most of all enjoy watching them. The Sandhill Crane stands 4 feet tall , with a 7 foot wing span. These birds are impressive. It is amazing how graceful they are. I have a special place in my heart for this time of year, when my friends return for a brief time and show me how to slow down and enjoy the natural world around me, to delight in the magic that is fall.


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