I hope it freezes

Yes you read that right. I hope it freezes this winter. I hope the ground becomes rock hard. Why? Well because last winter the weather was all weird and the ground just did not freeze right. So what if the ground doesn’t freeze you say…. Well it really messes up the Maple Tree sap run when the ground doesn’t freeze right and then we can’t make syrup!

Yes, we dabble in making our own syrup. And I have to tell you it is so fun and the end results are to die for. We have three trees in our yard that we put a couple of taps in. We just us rubber tube we cut for the spigots and washed out milk jugs to collect the sap. It is a very inexpensive set up but works well. When the sun rises and the sap starts flowing, on good days, we have to empty our jugs over and over. We love when it flows like this as it takes about 40 to 50 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of syrup! Now you know why REAL maple syrup costs an arm and a leg and the “fake” store stuff is so cheap!

After we collect our sap, we boil and boil and boil till we are left with the most amazing syrup anyone cold ask for. Maybe it tastes so good because it is “real” or maybe because we made it ourselves, I don’t know. So here is hoping the ground freezes this year so in the spring I can share the maple syrup making adventure with you!

4 thoughts on “I hope it freezes

  1. hi I have a question for you ….. I have 2 bottles of home made syrup my grand pa made…. they are prob 30 yrs old one is sealed and one is not the one that is not has some mold on top …… I asked around and was told to scrape the mold off reheat the syrup and remove any foam then it would be good to use……. I keep it around mostly for sentimental reasons but would love to share with my kids who have never met him as he passed away before any of them were born……any feed back for any one would be great ….. thanks

    1. I would NOT eat the one with mold. And the fact that they are 30 years old….hmmmm I would probably just keep them as reminders of the man you love 🙂

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