Louise’s Country Closet, for all your farm girl needs and then some!

A few months back a group of us girls were brought together to form Farm Chick Chit Chat. It was through this group that I came into contact with Amanda Schmitz of Louise’s Country Closet. Let me just say, before I tell you about here business, Amanda is an amazing person! Originally a city girl, country life sure does fit her. She is one heck of an entrepreneur and her products fit the perfect farm girl niche.

I was blessed to be able to use one of her products in my own home, a rabbit diaper. Our son had gotten an oversized mini rex he named Steve. Steve is a house rabbit and loves to spend time out wandering. We however have a baby who is in the “put everything you find in your mouth” phase, and we did not want that to included Steve’s droppings. Not to mention who wants a bunny tinkling on the rug!

I was so excited when his “man pants” as we call the (because our son was upset about putting a diaper on his friend) arrived. I had picked out a nice pattern (they have many to choose from) that flattered his color. Since I had children I knew how to put a rabbit diaper on, right? WRONG! I put it on backwards. When it didn’t seem to fit right, I quickly uploaded a photo to Louise’s Country Closest facebook page and Amanda quickly talked me through the proper way to diaper a bunny.

I will not lie, the first few time I put the diaper on, I had a little trouble as Steve wiggled. He would then sit there and look at me all disgusted! But within a week I think he realized, diaper = more hopping around the house time. Now we “suit up” and he is happily hopping in record fashion. His “man pants are not only stylish and functional, but they are washable! I love the fact that they can be used over and over. They are quality made and hold up great in the wash.

Now I know most of you are thinking, but I don’t have a house rabbit. No problem she makes all sorts of useful things, like chicken saddles, duck diapers, cute onsies for the farm baby, goat milk soap, pillow shames, you name it Amanda makes it! Do you need a cell phone cover? How about a coffee mug? She really does have you covered. Her prices are good, her products are great and you could really impress your friends and family with some unique gifts from this site.

I can now say, not only is Amanda amazing, but her products as well! I am so glad we got the chance to use a bunny diaper on Steve. We honestly use it often and with amazing results. Thanks Amanda for making a product like this. I thank you, my floor thanks you, and my baby (who will never have the chance to pick up a dropping) thanks you!

Just a few of the great product from Louise’s Country Closet