Frozen Eggs? Don’t throw them away!

It is cold….. below zero cold. So cold, your nose slams shut and freezes tight. Now that is cold! So I was not too surprised when I collected eggs last night to find a frozen one. It happens. But DON”T throw the egg away! They are still good and I will show you how I “save” them.

So, once I got the frozen egg inside I rinsed it off. Then I peeled it. Yes, I peeled it just like a hard boiled egg. The insides of the egg were not completely hard but stayed together as you can see in the photo. Normally I would not put the egg on the counter but I wanted you to see how it looked.

I put the frozen eggs in a zip lock bag and pop them in the fridge to thaw. Once thawed, scrabble those babies up and enjoy or use them in your baking. If you don’t feel comfortable eating them because they were cracked, you can still cook them and give them to a pet, including your chickens! It is a great source of protein for your hens and no, it will not make them egg eaters.

So whatever you do, don’t throw away your hen’s hard work! Those eggs are still good!

26 thoughts on “Frozen Eggs? Don’t throw them away!

  1. Great idea! It's gonna get really cold here this week, I know I will save any frozen eggs with your method. The girls, Molly my lab or the humans in the house will enjoy them! Thanks!

    1. me too! I pitch them into the woods for the wild critters! But not anymore! Thanks friends!

  2. You could have an "Eggie Sunday!" My cockerspaniels love scrambled eggs on their food on Sundays!

  3. I had a frozen egg yesterday, but the shell was super duper thin (my hens are just starting to lay) and i peeled it off like a piece of rubber….i tossed the completely frozen egg out to the chickens yesterday (but my collie gobbled it up). would i have been able to eat it, even though the shell was so thin?

  4. Good to know! I have had a few frozen eggs and I just have been tossing them over the fence into the garden for compost. My chicken coop is SO stinking dirty right now. Its been below 0 for a few weeks. If they are cracked, Im afraid of the bacteria from the dirty chicken house,. I cant wait for it to thaw a bit (and get warmer for me!)so I can clean it up.

  5. In the Army, the troops ate frozen eggs by the gross when they weren't easily available locally. They complained a lot more about chipped beef on toast (SOS), believe me! In any case, an army moves on its stomach, so needless to say anything that would have caused a lot of illness would have been avoided. Since then it's never bothered me to eat a frozen egg, for sure! 🙂

  6. Yay! I knew I was saving the frozen eggs for a reason. I kept them in their shell since it wasn't cracked, so I guess I'll cook those for the dogs just in case 🙂

  7. Awesome tip! Luckily we haven't had any frozen ones yet, but they are pretty darn cold! At least now I know what to do if we do get any that freeze and crack. It's kind of neat how they stay together after you peel them!

  8. I do not think I would give an egg to a pet, no matter how much they like it, they are too precious as you can use them for baking or scrambled, or once thawed for your skin or haird. I am no one to judge but here in South AMerica, the view on food is different as in Chile food is very expensive, it amounts to app 50% of your income. It has risen steadly during the past years and I am always looking for ways to save on food. If you need any cheap recipes or tips, pls contact me, I will help gladly.

    1. I understand your concern about food cost but some people just don't feel "safe" eating them this way and instead of throwing them out as total waste I suggested using it as pet food. Trust me, I always eat my eggs first 🙂

  9. When my eggs get frozen, or cracked and poopy, or I don't find them because a hen was being sneaky, I feed them to the pigs. Then later I eat process the pigs, which fills my freezer with food for months. I am not wasting food because I have to feed the pigs anyway! By the way this was a great post, because I am sure some people do waste eggs not knowing they are good. I like your way of thawing them out.

  10. Today I had an egg that was cracked (all the way vertically) and assumed from the frigid temps of below zero…I brought it in the house and about 15 minutes later the entire crack was no longer visible even after washing it!! Has anyone encountered this before?

  11. Yes I have! LOL Crazy isn't it! I like to get the eggs in, washed, cracked and in a freezer bag as quick as possible so it doesn't happen often. Even if the crack closes, you should still remove the egg becuase that crack can let air in which will not only spoil the eggs, but can inturduce bad things and flavors.

  12. It never occured to me not to eat them. I love hard boiled eggs. I share them with my dogs. Two of my dogs are good at eating and one is picky. So the two get little pieces and picky gets about a half an egg. I get the rest of the 3 eggs.

    1. Some folks truly freak out when it comes to cracked eggs. As long as the membrane is intact, I just role with it. My girls work too hard to just throw away a perfectly usable egg!

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