Cutting up the “Family Tree”

Recently across the Midwest there were massive storms with very high winds. While we escaped with little damage, my folks were not so lucky. One of their giant pine trees came down, roots and all, during the storm. Now my parents aren’t OLD but they are getting older and this was a big issue to have to handle. So instead of them calling their insurance and paying a big deductible, our family offered to come down and help clean up the mess because that is what family does.

Now I am one for education and rarely does the oldest country kid miss school. But I felt that there were some life lessons that were much more important then book learning that day, so I called the school in the morning and told them he would not be in. We loaded up the car, Heidi the homestead hound and all and drove two hours south to tackle the tree.

When I was a kid, I HATED when we would cut wood for winter. I mean I would lie and tell my parents I had to poop so I could hide in the bathroom and not help. I look back and I know they knew what I was up to. I felt bad about not pulling my weight back then and was determined to show them I had grown up. When we arrived we quickly set to work and I did not use the bathroom till break time! LOL

My hubby and father cut the branches and loaded them in the wagon. We had two tractors and wagons and we put the oldest country kid in charge of driving the loads. He did an amazing job for only being 7!!! He would drive a load back to me in the woods while the “men folk” loaded the other wagon. When I had finished unloading, the oldest country kid would drive it back, hop on the tractor that was now full and bring it back to me. Did I mention that the oldest country kid REALLY loves to drive the tractor?

We were moving at a steady pace but I did get a little lonely back in the woods. To pass the time between tractor loads I made myself a little leaf friend to hang out with. I know, I am a little weird. Luckily we got a good rhythm going and it was only around five minutes between tractor loads.

Some time later my uncle showed up with his chainsaw to lend a hand because that’s what family does. We managed to pick up the pace even more and what would have been a long day, ended earlier, leaving more time to relax and visit.

I was hoping my oldest son would learn a few thing that day…. like hard work and helping family because that is was family does. But I too learned a few things that day….. my oldest son can be a very hard worker when he puts his mind to it. I don’t mind cutting wood so much any more. Older men tend to over do it trying to prove they can still do it and end up sore the next day. My son can’t back up a trailer and well, I wasn’t that much better at it then he was!!! And most of all, it feels really good to grow up and become the woman your folks hoped you might be one day….. well, at least I think I am getting closer!

12 thoughts on “Cutting up the “Family Tree”

  1. You are right, certain lessons can't be learned in school 🙂 And I love your little leaf friend 🙂 Thanks for linking up to Share Your Stuff Tuesdays!

  2. Great post! There's nothing quite like family! Thank you for sharing at Tuesdays with a Twist! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. Thanks for posting on Independence Day Challenge. Fun to read; a true farm family. It harkens back to the old days when homestead children were needed to help the family put food on the table, and school was second to that, not the other way around as it is today.

  4. That is a massive tree! And I totally agree – a wonderful life lesson for your son.

    1. You know Gretchen it looked massive but once we got the limbs off…. oh who am I kidding it was still massive LOL

  5. What a great post and I totally agree that was a lesson that couldn't be learned in school! That was a huge tree! Pinning! Thanks so much for sharing at Freedom Fridays 🙂

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