“Grain Mill Wagon Challenge” Recipe

Being able to mill our own grains has been on our list of homestead things we wanted to be able to do. Well we can check that goal off the list because I was invited to be a part of The WonderMill Company’s “Grain Mill Wagon Challenge” for bloggers. They sent me an amazing (totally kick butt) electric grain mill and I, in return, would provide them with a few recipes I came up with will using the flour we milled in it. I mean come on, I get to mill my own flour now and bake more!?!?! This was the best thing ever!!!

Now let me tell you when I got it, my hubby was sad I used it before he got home. So I saved him some wheat so he could play with it too. I don’t know which of us loves it more. No one wants to change the litter box, but it is a free for all knock down drag out fight to see who gets to mill the grains around here!!!

I just finished up my first post for the nice folks who blessed me with this glorious device and thought I would share it with you too. So head on over and check out my Homestead Honey Cornbread recipe. I promise you’ll be whipping up some soon!

3 thoughts on ““Grain Mill Wagon Challenge” Recipe

  1. We all love playing with new gadgets! LOL Loved the Recipe!!! Turned out to be a Mutual blessing as I'm sure Grain Mill Wagon was very happy with your Recipe!
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  2. That looks so yummy! Thanks for linking up. 😀 http://timeforseason.blogspot.com/2014/03/my-favorite-things-saturdays-315.html

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