I’m a Fair Mom

All year long, I drive the oldest country kid to a lot of different 4H meetings…. there is craft club, poultry and rabbits. And then, for one glorious week in August it all pays off. That’s right, the county fair! A week when the kids get to show what they have made and learned all year long.

Now when I say county fair, you may see images of livestock and elephant ears, quilts and rides…… But for a “fair mom” there is nothing but slightly controlled chaos, show times and a repeating list running through their heads to make sure everything goes off without a hitch and that their kids have a great time! Soccer moms have nothing on a fair mom, because we jam it all into a week or less!!

Craft projects had to be entered between 9 am-12 pm on Saturday. There was booth duty that was supposed to be an hour long, that turned into 3 1/2 hours. Now quick, stand in line to get you wrist band. Then we had to run home and get the critters ready to go to the fair grounds that evening. Throw everyone (including critters) in the car and back to the fair grounds we go.

Sunday morning broke with a panic to get everyone dressed , in the car and to the fair for livestock judging. 9 am for rabbits, then quick, run to the other end of the fair grounds, get your child’s show clothes changed, because 10 am was poultry. *breath* Sitting, watching and reminding your child to keep two hands on their bird, hoping like heck their flighty chicken doesn’t take off for parts unknown. The stress level continues to rise!

Two days into the fair, my child was having a blast, showing his stuff, getting ribbons and I needed a nap!! I honestly don’t remember fair being this much work when I was a kid? Oh wait…… it’s a parent thing. Time to call my folks and thank them for all their hard work all those years ago!! And while his “showing” maybe over for the week, we still have to go every day to feed his critters. Once there there will be begging for elephant ears and rides. But it is only one week out of 52 right? Right?

So what does the “fair mom” get out of all this hard work? Well it certainly isn’t a nap! But the smile of pride on your child’s face, the joy of the beautiful ribbon in their hands as they show their grandparents, the eager desire to show ever fair goer their animal. That’s what a “fair mom” is paid in. Seeing their child grow, be confident and take pride in what they have done…. that is worth more then money!

And while I would still like a nap…. I don’t miss a beat when my child asks to add yet another project for next year. Sure, why not take the dog…. she doesn’t really fit in the car she is so big, but if you want to join the dog club, I’ll find out when their meetings are. Because that is what a “fair mom” does. So the next time you’re at a county fair and see a frazzled mom…. now you know why! Excuses me now, we need to get to the fair and feed the critters…..

22 thoughts on “I’m a Fair Mom

  1. I need a nap Just reading all you have to do. So worth the look on his face. Congratulations to the little man. Be proud of your self you worked hard. 🙂

  2. Right now we do two days of 4H horse shows for my daughter. Next year my son wants to show a pig (we don't have one yet but he wants one) and show our dog. I think fair showing is pretty tough on the parents but great character builders for the kids!

    1. I agree with you, while it is hard on us, the rewards our kids gain in maturity and self esteem are so worth it.

  3. Hi,
    I'm new to all this. We don't have this in Germany, now we are living in america and my son turns 9 this year I want to sign him up to this too. To bad it starts with 9 years here because my little one (she is 6) want to join it too 🙂 but she has to wait! LOVE this programm!

    All the best to you and your boy

    1. Your county doesn't have a clover bud program? Poo on them! LOL I love that my son gets to learn the ropes and develop a passion before he is a full blown 4H kid when it gets down right competitive.

  4. The pics of your son are priceless. I loved 4H and all the fun things we did; happy to know it's still around.

  5. I love the fair and love taking pictures there but I have yet to enter anything in one. Growing up my brother did the 4h thing and he had livestock in the fair and I want to say I think I remember my mother entering in some of her canning stuff. I meant to enter in some photography this year but its to late. Its okay though. I have a long life to live and can do it at some other time.


  6. What a great learning experience! I wish I had done 4H when I was young but I was a city boy. I had to buy a farm in order to learn that kind of stuff!

    1. 4H is for city kids too! They have so many amazing programs that are not livestock based!

  7. Happy Sunday! Hope you're having a FABULOUS weekend–just wanted to swing by and give you a huge "Thank you!" for linking up at Bewitchin Projects last week–and we've already got the party started again today, so be sure to come link up again here: http://www.ourminifamily.com/2014/08/bewitchin-projects-block-party-week-5.html

    ~Cathy Mini~

  8. Mindie, this sound like a lot of fun and your son will appreciate it for the rest of his life. I wish I had this chance when I was young. Thanks for sharing at Green Thumb Thursday.

  9. Keeping the tradition alive – 4H : the love of animals and land is a great gift to your kids. Proud of all of you. looney nana

  10. My family loves 4H! Thanks for sharing this at the Teach Me Tuesday Linky Party:)

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